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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We were cheated!! They took our money and ran. We purchased a rose camo 110cc four wheeler for our 6 year old daughter. She picked it out-helmet and all. Things didn’t go great from the beginning. The four wheeler was supposed to arrived within 5-7 days and it took over 2 weeks. When we received the four wheeler, the shocks were not attatched, there were spark plugs not in and several wires not connected. It took us 2 days to figure out all the reasons why the thing wouldn’t run!! We finally got it up and running and it ran for 2 days-then it wouldn’t stay running at all. We called bestpriceatvs and they were not at all surprised. They said “Oh, we have been having that problem-that is like the 3rd one this month. We will send you a new carburator at no charge.” We have no mechanical experience, so Brian tried to explain how to change the carburator. He said to call the following Monday if that didn’t fix the problem. We called because that didn’t fix the problem. Brian once again, tried to tell my husband different things to check and how to fix the four wheeler. By this time our daughter was very upset because she has this new four wheeler and can’t even ride it while her brother is out riding his new dirt bike (Which was NOT purchased at bestpriceatvs-must be why it ran!!) My husband was furious and told bestprice that they needed to rectify the problem-A brand new four wheeler should not be having issues already. Brian was no longer helpful. He basically wanted to get us off the phone. We called a couple other times with the same response from bestprice. Finally, Brian agreed to cover 1 hours labor fee at a dealer in our area who could fix the four wheeler. He suspected the carburator needed adjusting. He told my husband to get it fixed and he would cover it. I called around locally and only found one dealer in our rural area who would even touch a “foreign” ATV. They said the cost would be $60-70 for an hours labor. Before we were going to spend anymore money on this already $700 ATV (including helmet) I wanted that money to cover the labor. I called and left a message for Brian that we found a place and the fee was $60-70 dollars. I told him I would be waiting for a check. I clearly and slowly spoke my name, address and phone number twice (in case he happened to “accidently” lose our account) and that I would be expecting a check within a week. I asked him to call me to verify he received my call. He never responded once again. By this time, I was majorly peeved and still am to date. I made one more attempt by emailing him a letter requesting either a check to fix, or for them to reimberse our money and we will buy elsewhere. I will be darned if I am gonna pay them hundreds of dollars to ship this four wheeler back to them. I still have not heard from them and it has been well over 2 weeks since the email. I think I will send them a nice letter certified mail and will be going from there. I wanted a fun thing for my 6 year old daughter to play with-now I want my money back. To be continued….. Becky McBain, MichiganU.S.A.

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