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Published: 05 September 2018

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2012 was a interesting year for me, Beth Fronczak she asked me for a friend request on Facebook march of 2012, I excepted it in three days later but Beth didnt Respond for 3 weeks Later, After we talk Once she Wanda to talk every night, After a month or so, She call me on my phone , then She started to call me sweetie -Sweetheart Honey , i didnt give to much interest yet, Because I Remember me and Beth Were lovers back in the 1980s I was 18 years old when I date her, Anyways Beth got pregnant With a miscarry back in 1983, I was working part time, After miscarriage I got a Full-time job , We dated for several more year till late 80s Then Ant Anita Die of Breast-cancer 1986, I went to funeral home to see Anita, but I didn’t go to the funeral Because I need to work I needs money, So Later that week Beth my girlfriend came over to my Apartment like she alway did for weeks she cook for us, But after the Aunt Anita funeral Beth took me to the Grocery store, But after that I noticed something was different and I couldn’t put my finger on it, She was seeing my neighbor upstairs, Henry bratstock, Then she got pregnant with Tiffany, Me and her Where ingauge about 8-9 month before Henry got in the picture she called off the ingaugement , Aug of 1987 I got a offer for a new job in Indiana so I moved , Tiffany was born in November 27/ 1987 Then she came after me trying to tell me I am the father, Henry was a drunk He never had a full-time job, he drink every day and smoke marijuana Beth was working full time and Giving Henry all the money he wanted.So I had real bad experience with her at the beginning , But we departed afer I Moves to Indiana, Anyways Beth got married in 1990 to a Guy named Tony Farley, Tony and Beth had a son name Bub Farley , Beth had Another son in 1993 Jacob Farley. Tony divorce Beth Befor Jacob was born, Anyways Beth was single for all those years till early 2004 , Then she got married to some guy named Bob Fronsack , This is how this Story Can get really interesting She got tired of Bob Because he will not work Full time , She told me he was having an affair , This is why she wanted to get out of the marriage , But in the meantime she was flirting on Facebook with other men, After she moved out here in Indiana with me, It seemed very good at first month, Then three month later, I Notice a little change in her, By the end of the year December 2012 I notice I am running out of money We were buying groceries like where were going out of style, We were going to invitation parties etc. etc. To Ohio Her sister was having parties every month some kind of parties every months was costing me a lot of money , In the meantime Beth was supposed to get a job, Jacob her son was supposed to get a job he also never got a job in the year 2012, They promised they will help me out with the groceries bills but it never happened, Jacob her son he eats every two hour Through the night, Then I got a phone bill that was almost $1200 in January 2013, I told Beth I don’t have long distance but she still used it, Without my authority she called over to Indy, I think the call cost me like $900 an hour that she maked on my phone ,, The Following months I got another phone bill which was higher, Total for all the phone long distance phone calls was under three grand, She promised she will pay me back , But in the meantime I got her a job through my friend from work that had a friend , That got her a job Approve, They excepted her application and they were going to hire, She told me they will not hire her and they will not let her go anywhere for funerals or anything like that, So I said nobody like that in this world because this country doesn’t have people like that. Away the economy is there’s no such person in this world, So I called this lady that was taking the application what got Beth this job , This Lady told me a different story than what Beth told me, In the meantime Beth was back in force from my home to her parents home and her daughters home, And I was giving Beth 200- 300 hundred Dollars every time she goes out there to see family , Then December her mother got really ill went to the hospital never came home , and I can send her $200 in Dec /2013 Then she called me told me they need $300 for the Funeral cost, I asked her why me I’m not married to you, She said her sister said they all have to pitch in and please do it for me,, Her brother told me things I didn’t know, When Beth was married to Tony , Beth had an affair with another guy that is why Tony divorced Beth, But Beth told me a different story she told me Tony had an affair on her, Same thing she told me Bob Fronczak had affair in ther marrieage , Men Be careful this lady is out there to she’s just out making sure she gets Her phone bill pay and you buy closing and keep feeding her that’s all she want, She is a harlot, Just saying just like the Bible says a harlot , She will destroy you financially , She will rip your heart out And step on it and crush it . ((((She is on Facebook ) her email is ((email address removed by admin) ). So guys Be careful Beth Fronczak is a harlot she will never love you, She will tell you she love you , She will cry just to get you to get something for her if she think you wound get it.

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