Better Built Mobile, automotive services

Better Built Mobile, automotive services

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Published: 21 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was ripped off buy Better Built automotive services as well. As the report stated back in 2009, about the same company, a person was ripped of by a guy named Don, Well he is back at it again. I too found is add on Craigslist and called and him come to my home to diganose my transmission for my 96 dodge ram.Opon his arrival he grabbed his tools from the trunk of his car ,proceeded into my garage where the transmission was sitting, yes folks thats right he did not have to pull the tranmission himself i had that already done myself so any ways he proceeds to take my transmission apart, tells me there are no hard body parts damaged, that it just needs a basic rebuild, tells me i need to give him a 300.00 deposit for the rebuild kit, and the fluids.So my wife and i hand him a check for the 300.00 and he says he has to goto orlando to buy the rebuild kit says he would be here the following day to rebuild my tranny, well needless to say it took days before he made it back to the work.So this character shows up rebuilds my transmission, doesnt use the entire kit like i thought he was going to, fumbles around and dropped a few things while working on my transmission, so some 2 hours go buy and he’s finnished asked for the remainder of his money write me a recipt for a two yr, 12,000 mile warrenty.Has the balls to call me a 9am telling me my check is no good and if the money inst there in a hour he was going to turn me into the states attorneys office, I wish now he would off).Well to make a totaly long story short, i reinstalled my new rebuilt transmission back into my truck thinking great i finally go back to work. Great right, Wrong eversince he touched my tranny it hasnt been the same, I get everything hooked back up, put the new fluid and filter in that he was supposed to supply so that was extra on my part another 125.00 for the 13 quarts off tranny fluid i needed. Well once eveything was completed i test drove the vehicle around my neighbor hood so if it broke down i could get home easy. Well i drove it about 2 miles and it strted to act funny tried to put in reverse and it would go, unless you gave it a ton of gas, which amounted to about 2000 rpms to get to move.My wife and i both tried calling this guy, no answer so we left numerous amounts of voice mails with no response, finnally he answerd his phone one day and said he would come over and check everthing out for us, another week passes when he finnally decided to show up, he proceeded to tell me some more crap about my tbc cable ( throttle body cable) and says he would order me a lrger silioid valve for the valve body to give more of a kick, and reverse easier. Tells me the truck is ok to drive, so i say thankyou we’ll se you next week to fx the problem, Well were still waiting for him. Well it comes up one day i need to get my wife to jaxsonville for a doctors appointment, so we get into our truck and proceed to get onto i-95 headed north, we no sooner get to the weigh sttion for big trucks nd all of a sudden there a load clang, and smoke billing out from behind and undeerneth our truck, So we pull over and take adeep breath and call this Don character whom finnaly decidesto answer his phone, We explain the problem to him and gain he tells me its the cable, what he doesnt know is i bought a new cable costing me another 100.00 and had it installed by the dealer for another fee.Well after several phone calls with him he tells us he is at a funeral, and that when i lost my top, i hoolared so much i went horse and called this p***k everyname in the book but a white man, ended up nursing the truck to a car rental place so that my wife could make her doctors appointment, Thank god for enterprise car rentals, we mademy wife doctors appointment a little late but thank the good lord we made it for on this day she had 14 Pollups removed from her that dam near killed her. Any one having information of the where aboout of this man and our company i am urging you not to use their services at all and please contact me and let me know of their where about for i am in the process of filling aclass action law suit against these people.I am still with out a truck and have know lost my jobs, and we are losing our second home because we cant pay the rent due to not having avehicle to goto work in, and also my wife health is still alling and we cant get her to her primary doctor for the help she needs.Thanks Better built automotive services you steal from the poor to make yourselfs richer and the poor pooer. This will be going to all the news medias in the state of florida and im turning all evidence that i have into the state of florida, the BBB along with any one else whom will listen and post. Just like the song in cops What ya gonna do when we come for you?

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