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Published: 12 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I would like to caution anyone thinking of using this person’s facilities to care for your elderly parents. Corneila Brujban’s 2 Adult Family Homes homes in Edmonds, WA cost $7-8,000 a month. Corneila Brujban called me several times after I told her we couldn’t afford her homes and she “really wanted to work something out” because my mom “deserves a safe place such as mine”. Corneila finally said if we paid her $84,000 for the first year then when mom ran out of money she would accept DSHS as full payment. THAT we could swing. We got it in writing. When the time came Corneila Brujban, refused to accept the daily pay rate that DSHS offered her and told us to find another place! the DSHS social worker even filed a complaint against her before it was over. then Corneila Brujban lied to DSHS to get more money, saying mom required more care than she really does. In addition, she asked us to pay extra, on top of DSHS which is illegal. so Corneila Brujban milked the system to get what she thought she deserved…which is basically just stealing from taxpayers! when I was signing the final DSHS paperwork Corneila Brujban said “This is the worst mistake I have ever made. your mom will need to leave at some point”. I said “You can’t legally just get rid of her”, (as by then I knew the LTC client rights). This is exactly, word for word, how Corneila Brujban replied: “I CAN MAKE HER LEAVE IF I CAN PROVE I CANT CARE FOR HER”. At that point I knew we were screwed. One day when I was visiting mom said to me “What does Corneila mean when she said she doesn’t make any money off of me?”. See, we didn’t let mom know she had to go on DSHS. she had always paid her own way and worked full time as a widowed young mother. I just can’t believe someone could say that to an elderly person. LTC clients do have rights…sort of. they have a LIST of rights but no one can enforce them. and she knows this. there are 2 ways adult family homes can legally get rid of someone who is paying: 1. the home cannot provide the care they need after a significant change in condition 2. they are a danger to others in the home. AFH owners cannot send them out onto the street but they can refuse to accept placement again after a hospital stay if there is a significant change in condition. Corneila Brujban tried to evict mom once before and the state Ombudsman got involved and said Corneila Brujban had no valid reason to. so Corneila Brujban sat quietly like a fox, but not quite as beautiful, and waited until mom got sick and had to go to the hospital. Corneila went with the ambulance and insisted she stay in the hospital. then when mom was better, Corneila Brujban refused to accept her back from the hospital. there was no significant change. even if there were, this home has the ability to care for completely incapacitated clients. there is another poor soul in the home that is totally unconscious, full care. but she is paying the full price. So Corneila Brujban took all the money my mom had left and then kicked her out. how honorable. I have randomly run into 2 other parties with similar stories about her. these are folks who heard me conversing with someone about our troubles and spoke up saying “Hey, is that the place in downtown Edmonds? My grandma was in there and she got run out too.” So there are others. what a shame someone can be this cold-hearted, especially towards the elderly. The social workers at the hospital were apalled and are also filing a complaint. there is no medical evidence that mom has had a significnt change. oh, I forgot to mention that Corneila Brujban owns 3 late model Mercedes vehicles. Any lawyer looking for work I checked the OK to contact box. I can show proof of everything I have said here I have good documentation and lots of it. For later.

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