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Published: 12 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Dear All, I have come in contact through my Child advocasy from Australia a corrupt judge, that is working out of a Californian Court. She chooses to ignore the laws She was sworn to Protect and has commited several atrocities against the American people. As shown in the following statement by world renown Psychologist Dr Cherie Safapou in her case against her abuse ex husband. Beverly Wood, Comissioner Marin Superior Court Failed to protect Plaintiff Safapou and her children from her husband Mosy Doroodianu2019s harassment and his attempts to damage her professional reputation, her relationship with her family, and her colleagues. Doroodian did this by spreading false allegations to the California board of Psychology, The State Attorney General, the INS and the SSI. Plaintiff Safapou presented documentation of this behavior to Beverly Wood during the original divorce proceedings. She has ten witnesses , including four lawyers, and five doctors, plus files of emails and a video made by Doroodian, himself. Doroodian emailed and left voice mail for Safapou, threatening he would make her homeless or put her into jail. Wood issued a restraining order against Doroodian because of this conduct, but failed to enforce her own order to prevent Doroodianu2019s continued harassment. She did not enforce her order that both Doroodian and Safapou enroll for therapy sessions. Safapou complied. Doroodian has never complied. Wood repeatedly failed to protect the financial interests of Plaintiff Safapou during divorce proceedings and afterward. Her refrain was u201cweu2019ll take care of that at the end.u201d She did not enforce her own rulings in the final divorce decree regarding child and espousal support. Wood ignored documentation of fraudulent transactions by Doroodian involving property he and plaintiff owned. For example, he encumbered their house in Larkspur by taking out a loan for 174K (essentially all its equity) at a time when Wood had put a freeze on all the assets of the parties. When the loan was called to Woodu2019s attention, she accepted Doroodianu2019s false statement that he was using the loan for remodeling the house without checking further. Doroodian, with the help of his nephew who was an employee of the bank that issued the first mortgage, shortened the term of the adjustable rate mortgage, increasing the monthly payment Safapou was required to pay. When this action was called to Woodu2019s attention, she told Safapouu2019s attorney, u201cIf your client wants to keep the house, she will have to come up with the payments.u201d Wood accepted Doroodianu2019s promise to put $75,000 (a portion of Safapou divorce settlement granted by Wood) into his will for the benefit of Safapouu2019s two sons. From Dec 2008 to the present time, Wood has never verified that the change in Doroodianu2019s will has been made, even though Safapou has made repeated requests to her! And it has not been changed. When it is brought to her attention Commissioner Wood chides Doroodian, saying, u201cPromise,Mr Doroodian, to make that will.u201d Dr. Lee, the child custody evaluator appointed by Wood to evaluate Saam (Safapou and Doroodianu2019s son), reported that Doroodian never appeared with Saam for scheduled appointments and refused to pay his share ($5K) of her fee for Saamu2019s child custody evaluation. Wood never enforced her own order. Wood was given proof from the court-appointed accountants, Walker and Walker, that Doroodian had been systematically underreporting his income to the IRS for 35 years. She was also given proof that Doroodian perjured himself in INS proceedings regarding green card applications for his sister and her family. Upon being given evidence of Doroodianu2019s criminal behavior, Wood turned to Doroodianu2019s attorney, Renee Marcelle and said, u201c With this finding, I think you need to settle this case.u201d The divorce decree became final two months later. Safapou deluged Wood with evidence of the harm Doroodian was doing to Saam, both during the divorce proceedings and down to the present time. Two doctors reported that Saam has been both physically and emotionally abused by his father during visitation. Wood granted a change of custody in 2009, based on a single mediatoru2019s reports. In his fatheru2019s custody, Saam was bitten and beaten (see police reports). His grades went from A-Bs to Fs, he was very depressed, and was cutting himself (see Heather Deu2019Maro report) Doroodian removed Saam from therapy for six months and moved him from the school he had attended since kindergarten. Dr Wiseman, the therapist Doroodian was eventually forced to hire, reported to Wood on numerous occasions that Saam was u201csuffering under his fatheru2019s custody. Wood still did not remove Saam from his fatheru2019s custody even when the arrangement was clearly doing severe harm to Saam, both physical and mental. Wood has been derelict in enforcing Safapouu2019s visitation rights under the current custody arrangement. Wood has become malicious and vengeful in handling Safapouu2019s most recent efforts to regain custody of her son. When Safapou, on Mar 5, 2013, attempted to file a new motion for custody, Wood rejected Safapouu2019s request for a fee waiver even after being shown a bank statement with a minus balance. In rejecting the request, Wood told Safapou she was mentally unbalanced and should u201cask her familyu201d for the fee. On Mar 28, 2018 the lawyer for Safapouu2019s son reported to Judge Wood that Saam wanted badly to see his mother. Doroodianu2019s lawyer offered to pay entirely for one houru2019s visitation. Commissioner Wood agreed to that, but added that following visitations would be divided equally between the two parties. Safapou said she still had no money. Wood told her, u201cget a jobu201d. Doroodian cancelled the visit on the night before it was scheduled to take place. This continues a pattern Doroodian has practiced for the past eighteen months of blocking Saamu2019s motheru2019s visitation rights. During this appearance, Wood reduced Safapouu2019s weekly visitation right from three hour (as ordered by Commissioner Heubach) to two hours without putting the change into a written legal order. The Heurbach order for three hours is still in force. (see Minutes Orders and transcript) As you can see not only has she ignored the rights of the woman who just wanted to protect her son from a monster who used to call her wife but it seems she also starts a personal vendetta against Dr Cherie. Dr Cherie only had the interest of her son at heart and wished her ex husband to be held accountable for the United States Of American laws that Beverly was sworn to preotect. Attacking her malicously and relentlessly instead of looking at all the FACTS and EVIDENCE that was clearly noted and put in front of her. Not only has there been no justice, she is up for the next election. We must expose this corrupt Judge for who she is and the bullying tactics that she uses to her own means to make this professional Woman known as Dr Cherie look not only like the person at fault but also guilty on the misdemeaners of someone else. Please investigate this woman before she destroys more lives and takes away more rights of The Amercian Public. She must be internally and externally investigated for crimes against humanity. Please if you have been in the same positon as Dr Cherie I implore you to step forward now, before this Judge ruins more lives and takes away more rights of the people she was sworn to protect. Now is the chance to come forward and have your say and tell us how she has wronged you and if need be not only be removed from office but also prosecuted herself for these crimes in which your constitution says you are allowed. Thanks for reading Matt Virgin Australia

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