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Published: 10 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Etan E. Rosen blocked my due process that resulted in the stealing of our entire estate. The Courts were bias 100% against me, and my mother forcing me to pro se our defense against a learned professional attorney. This was not in any manner a fair or just trial for I was refused counsel, and demanded a jury trial which did not happen. Mr. Rosen had our ability to obtain a lawyer by blocking us access to our own money. This attorney broke the attorneys code of ethics by refusing my timely request to file an answer, and raced to the courthouse to file a default judgement against me. This attorney entered evidence that was our private personal property that we had informed him was our property and they were to return our stolen property, and had no privilage to be in possession of our property. A Trust that legally named his client not to be provided for so they had not suffered any injury when the trust was still revocable. This attorney being learned at law, and well practiced at court procedures, documents, etc… and I being a complete layman at law Mr. Rosen illegally stole our estate from us handing it over to the very person for whom was not to be provided for in the trust. And we have been suffering great abuses at the hands of the named person not to be provided for getting full control of our financial independence while still the Plaintiff/Petitioner in this case! Mr. Rosen and the courts slandered my great moral name, and have made me out to be abusive to my mother which all the testimony given by my mother they just ignored because it was not legally submitted in an answer, or any other fillings because I don’t know how to be an attorney and defend a case. The court were biased and we were ripped off by this complete criminal violating our very ability to live our lives free, and has caused so many abuses to my mothers little remaining time left is unfathomable how such a thing could happen. I could go on and on about this attack violating our human rights given to us by god, and any rights to a fair and just trial. People the court system is not what, or who you might think the are. But rather a criminal element set in place to steal peoples estates from them. It is a Racketeering scheme of unimagineable perportion. This attorney belongs in prison and certainly needs to be removed from being able to practice law he so easily breaks! G

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