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Published: 26 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A sale representative fromBezoom USA LLC came to my business and told me that the company she works for it’s in the business of producing video for business. She was really nice and she looks trustworthy. She told me that her video will only cost me $90 because the company don’t make the money out of the production but by advertising the video. That’s why after talking to the lady for over an hour I believed her and what she said. I gave her a check for $90 and I even asked her is that it for the video and she said yes. It was late, therefore she told me that she was going to bring me the copy of my receipt next week, since she told me that she was going to bring her sister and her mother to my salon (I trusted her because I saw her like a potential customer) and she knew that and took advantage of that situation. She gave me one page to sign one for the video and one for the receipt. I never hear from her again The falling week another lady made an appointment with me from the same company so we could talked about the video production. When the second lady came to my business I asked her for the receipt since I knew the check was cashed and I need it for my books. The lady asked me did you get the contract too. I answered he what contract, she never mentioned a contract for this transition but she said, and she asked again (did she went over it with you? I said no, she never talked about any contract with me. She didn’t said anything else. Two weeks later I saw $189 charger to my business account, not knowing what it was I contacted my bank, I informed them that this was an unauthorized transaction, at this moment they are still investigating the charges. When I realized that was Bezoom, I tried to contacted them but I wasn’t able to contact nobody at all until I contacted the second lady that came to my business and told her that if I didn’t hear from them, I was going to contact the police. The next day someone named Didier Martin sent me an email, telling that I signed a contract with them; he included the contract that according to him I signed. After the email I called him all day to the phone he included in the email but he never answered, that was the first time I saw that contract. I was really mad and contacted the sale repressive and told her she was going to jail because she took the information from my check and charge me some bogus fees that I never agreed and that I never signed a contract with them. She tried to argue that I did know about it, that the only error she committed was not giving me the contract that day. When I told them that I need all my money back the $90 and $189, they are telling me I signed the contract that they are going to take me to court if I don’t pay them $989 that is the price for the earlier termination of the contract that I never signed. I this moment I don’t know what I can do. However when both of the lady came to my business, since I have video camera in my business I have a video recorded of all the conversation in case that we do have to go to court.

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