Bickerton and Bickerton: Lea Bickerton

Bickerton and Bickerton: Lea Bickerton

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Published: 27 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

It was clear she didn’t want to represent me then why accept my case and take my money. The representation was incompetent and ineffective. Hired Lea Bickerton to represent me upon hire she told me she needed to petition the Commomwealth Court for the Discovery and told me it couldn’t be expedited and that the court was also backlogged. After waiting almost a year and seeing that she really didn’t care anything at all about my case I decided to take it upon myself and call the Commomwealth Court. Upon call I talk to one of the clerk’s and they ask me why my case wasn’t expedited? Then I ask them was the court backlogged and the clerk said no we haven’t been backlogged in years. I then let the clerk know what I’ve been through with Lea as counsel and also let them know that I am an Army reservist and they came with the decision for Discovery that day. In over a year time Lea did no kind of investigation or anything on my case. I came up with an affidavit from the key witnesses which was the nurse stating that the supposed vicitm didn’t have the injuries that he claimed and that she would sign a phony medical report because it was made up. I also had another witness that worked the facility that I worked at and the prosecutions witnesses told him that they were willing to do anything to get me in trouble or fired from the position which proved the intent right there. She also had information on each witness deeming them not creditable. She didn’t use any of the witnesses for me and she also let the prosecutions witnesses testify through video conference or through the telephone to which I clearly objected too. All four witnesses were for the prosecution were clearly flawed and not creditable. One was a heroin addict and was fired from the facility for making an obscene gesture to one of the youths, a second was founded on a child-line report for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of the youths and was also fired from the facility, the so-called victim was at the facility for armed robbery, and the investigator presented no evidence at all only testimony and admitted he didn’t do an investigation. All of them were deemed credible because she didn’t cross examine these people based on the evidence or information she had. All she did was refute and write a case brief. I waited a whole year and she had nothing to present and let my Civil rights become violated and also had evidence to prove me not guilty but didn’t use it. They took 112 days to come with a decision so I emailed Lea and asked her was there something she could do becuase they were taking to long for a decision and she told me she filed a motion to dismiss based on the 45 day rule. I email her a week or two later asking her if they came with a decision she kept saying it was jurisdictional which didn’t make any sense. They finally come with a decision and on the paperwork it said she waivered my right for a prompt decision without even telling me and the whole time had me thinking she filed the motion and she didn’t. I have a copy of this and also and email stating she said this. In my opinion I felt I hired an overpaid WalMart greeter. She would never answer phone calls once she received my money the calls would go directly to fax. The laziest, incompetent, and ineffective attorney I ever seen in my life. Upon the decision of my case tried to garner another 2200 dollars upon appeal. I then decided to hire a competent attorney. I am an Army veteran and I stand by the accuracy of this report and can prove everything that I’ve written out.

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