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Published: 05 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Levi (Larry) Bieda is a principal of Bieda Management according to Florida records and it is to the best belief and understanding of Buddy Cohen he will do anything (legal or otherwise) to make a buck and could care less what happens to anyone else but him. He has tried to ruin our reputation after his unlawful activities came out The following is what he attempted to do to us and anyone who would care to see our proof simply email us @ (((redacted))) and we will send them to. I for one, would never be involved with an individual like this in any business. Levi (Larry) Bieda of Bieda Management, Boca Raton, FL contacted Ohio titles online to obtain a vehicle title for 2 vehicles he claimed he had purchased from a towing company in MI. Mr. Bieda said he had a company in MI that buys and sells cars. It should be noted Ohio Titles Online does not provide certificates of title merely the paperwork to request a certificate of title and/or the paperwork to make application for said title. Levi Bieda signed a terms sheet and power of attorney swearing to tell the truth, understanding and agreeing to the terms of Ohio Titles Online(it is only a guess on our part, but he must have believed the truth would never come out or somehow he could take title to vehicles he did not own nor have any right to). After 2 title searches and 6 certified letters (2 cars) the truth did come out. The towing company did not own the vehicles that Bieda claimed sold him the cars. Levi Bieda had no bills of sale to prove he purchased the cars. Levi Bieda had no receipts or proof of payment for vehicles he claimed he owned. He had no proof of ownership whatsoever. In fact, mail sent to the tow company he claimed he bought the vehicles from (he provided the address) was returned as u201cno such numberu201d. Mr. Bieda wanted Ohio Titles to help him take title to cars he had no right to. After we confronted Mr. Bieda he admitted to Buddy Cohen he had conspired with the towing company (Carru2019s Towing) to take title to vehicles that Carru2019s Towing had towed based on his recommendation. The towing company did not own the vehicles according to Michigan records and had no right to sell them to Bieda, if in fact they actually did sell them to him. We advised Mr. Bieda of the facts returned to us and Buddy Cohen then advised him he should go to the police and make a report. According to Bieda he did make a police report. If the owner and/or lien holder were to report the vehicle as stolen he (Bieda) could be charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. Bieda then told Buddy Cohen that he had transacted business in the past with Carru2019s Towing and they always provided him a title and/or a TR52 (notification to the police of a towed/unclaimed vehicle); that he and the guy from Carru2019s Towing would go to people who could not pay their car notes, give them a few bucks, Carru2019s would tow them and then they would wait 25 days and file a TR52 with the police department and then Carru2019s would take ownership of the car in question and transfer ownership to Bieda (a TR52 filing voids a lien holderu2019s lien). Buddy Cohen then told Bieda you cannot take title to a vehicle in which you have no claim to ownership. Bieda then told Buddy Cohen the FerndaleMI police department wanted to speak to him about a 2018 car he was driving that they believed was stolen. The following day we received a note from PayPal that Mr. Bieda attempted to get a refund but they had denied his request. It would seem Mr. Bieda believes people should spend their money (title searches, certified letters) time and labor and then because of his lies should not be paid for their efforts. Mr. Bieda attempted to stop the process after being caught in his lies and then blames Ohio Titles Online for not fulfilling the agreement. Ohio Titles Online fulfilled the agreement to the point of being charged with complicity in an attempt to perpetrate an unlawful transaction in the State of Michigan. His attempt to perpetrate a fraud should not go unnoticed. You cannot take title to a vehicle that you do not own and/or have do not have the right to own It is to the best belief and understanding of Buddy Cohen that Levi (Larry) Bieda is a crook that tries to draw people into his unlawful schemes and then tries to shift responsibility for his actions to others. Buddy Cohen sent an email to Mr. Bieda advising him that he had a lot of nerve: he never responded. It should be noted for the file that Buddy Cohen called the Michigan Highway Patrol and made a report of what Mr. Bieda had told to him, the results of the title searches and the certified mail sent to the actual owners of the vehicles and the possible fraud on Bieda’s part. The file is also being forwarded to the Ferndale MI Police Department. We have all the paperwork available to prove our case: signed term sheets, signed power of attorney, provided information sheets, certified letters, title searches, notes, and emails. The attached paperwork is for one of the 2 vehicles. Ohio Titles Online is a for profit company that provides a service, that service being information, to those who require their services. Ohio Titles Online does nothing illegal and will no knowingly do anything illegal. Ohio Titles Online expects to be paid for their services.

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