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Published: 19 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Big City Bride and Susan Cordogan as a day of coordinator. I was referred to her by because she was offering a special. I had never heard of her, but the online reviews were mostly positive (later and too late that I found out that those reviews were manipulated and Susan Cordogan had an in-house technologist that did nothing but to generate glowing and glorifying reviews for her and her business all the while getting rid of the negative though truthful ones! ). So I signed a contract with her. I thought how badly could she mess up? BOY WAS I WRONG! For the reception, Susan Cordogan made a timeline. It stated that guests were to go inside the venue at 8:30 pm. Cocktail hr was from 8-8:30 pm. Our photographer/videographer used her timeline as well. They planned to take pic/ video of my hubby & I alone in the venue for 30 mins. We get to the venue at 8 pm. When we go inside, there are guests inside the venue already! My photographer approached her & asked Susan Cordogan why there were guests in the venue, if the timeline SHE MADE said that we had 30 mins for pics? Her response OHH! Seriously?!! We weren’t able to take photos of the venue empty & guests saw us BEFORE our grand entrance! Our centerpieces had candles that WERE NOT LIT! OUR PARENTS frantically searched for lighters & were LIGHTING UP CANDLES as GUESTS WERE COMING IN THE VENUE! Susan Cordogan should have done this before guests were coming in, not OUR PARENTS. She did not line up the bridal party for the grand entrance, our DJ DID! She didn’t cue us to when to cut the cake, the garter, bouquet toss, etc., our PHOTOGRAPHER DID! These were things she said she would do in the CONTRACT I SIGNED! I had other people doing her job. That’s not what I paid for!! She seemed lost & preoccupied. Maybe it’s because she bought HER HUSBAND to our wedding. He ate free food & probably drank as well. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. I needed someone to take charge, instead she was lagging in the background, as others were doing her job. She had NO IDEA what she was doing. I felt cheated, because Susan Cordogan told me she had planned numerous weddings before. Also, a few of my other vendors told me she was rude to them. She never made me feel like a priority. I always felt like I was bothering her when I would contact her. She ALMOST ruined the most important day of my life, if it weren’t for the help of my family & other amazing vendors. I hired Susan Cordogan to alleviate stress, but instead she caused me stress on the one day I should have been stress free.

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