Big O Tires North Texas

Big O Tires North Texas

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Published: 09 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On 22 May 07, I went to Big O Tires on 2349 N. Texas St, Fairfield, CA 94533. I quickly noticed that the people are not the same I used to deal with. They are under new franchise ownership. I only recognized one old mechanic. Everyone else was a new face. I still requested to have my 4 tires rotated for free per contract from previous tire purchase. Mr. V. (an employee) told me my name is not in the computer. We checked the spelling more than twice and did not find any entry on any of my previous tire purchases that would warrant a free tire rotation. Then a lady employee came up to the counter so I asked her if the database informations were deleted when the shop ownership changed? She said “no informations are deleted from the computer.” It’s against the law… Funny she said that because they could NOT find the records of the 4 tires I purchased from that same store on 26 Jun 04 for $539.89 from the former owner. So in other words, I will have to pay out of pocket for the rotations. Not too fast buster? To their surprise, I have kept all my receipts and showed them the original purchase receipt for the same 4 tires. They were dumbfounded and flabbergasted and could not say anything because obviously they both lied to my face and somebody deleted the costlier repairs so if I or other customers did not have receipts to prove the previous purchases, I/we don’t have a choice but to pay for it anew? “No receipt? No proof? Never happened” … is the practice in their business. Additionally, Mr. V. advised me that I need to have my brake pads replaced for $80+ dollars more for parts and $150.00 for labor and rotors needs to be replaced too for additional costs. What they did not know is that I also have the original receipt of the previous purchase of the “Premium Lifetime” brake pads replacement package which incidentally is also NOT found in their store computer. It was for 2 pairs of Front Ceramic Brake Pads paid for on 19 Jul 07 also from the honest previous owner I paid $106.26 for. My point is, if I did not have those receipts available at that time to prove that my brakes carry a lifetime replacement warranty? I’d be screwed more than twice on that same visit in that Big O Tires Shop on No. Texas in Fairfield CA. That would have been an easy – easy $900.00+ sale for them cause V. quoted me that price. Wow! I was so upset that I told them to just rotate the tires and I will take care of the brakes and rotor myself? On 26 May 2007, I took out the two front tires/wheels to check my front rotors and brake pads. My blood pressure shot-up sky high when I found out that all 4 sides of the same front ceramic pads were still about inch thick with even wear on all sides too and obviously did not need to be replaced at all. I felt like I got stabbed in the back with a very sharp object by a supposedly “reliable friends” at Big O Tires in North Texas Fairfield CA. I could not work on it anymore so I told my son to take the rotors to a local tire shop and there he was told that it is still well within legal limits so both rotors were just resurfaced without incident at that other site. Oh my God! I am very disturbed with their fraudulent and cunning practices and I find that very appalling and utterly unprofessional. I am still very upset because I have been a very faithful customer of Big O Tires since 10/31/2001 and I have the receipt to prove that I started doing business with Big O Tires in that same location since 2001 from the previous owner. With the new ownership and all their wiles and schemes, unfortunately they just lost my business. That is the truth. I decided and emailed their corporate HQ in Colordo and got me some ka-ka/bs story but no acts of restitution. None, zip, nada. The BBB and Consumer Fraud Organizations online should know about these things. No one needs to go through these kinds of dishonest practices. All these are honest truths. I have the documents to prove it. These kinds of lies do go a long-long way and spreads like wildfire. Big O Tires on No. Texas in Fairfield, CA with their practice of insincere, corrupt, lying, conniving and deceiving their unsuspecting old or new customers are not the qualities expected from a used to be reputable company like Big O Tires. Always remember that cheating your customers “does not pay!” As a retired military, I urge you not to go there. They’re a bunch of cheats. Can’t trust that store. Can’t trust the people in that store. Man or woman both cheats and lies to your face and charge you for it. It happened to me. Hope it won’t happen to you, hombre! Dr Jim San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Big O Tires

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