Big Rig Collision Center

Extremely careless staff!!! STAY AWAY

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Published: 26 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

While coming back from a road trip our car, unfortunately, got punctured in the middle of a lonely road, there was no car repair center nearby. We were left with no option other than to call up a vehicle towing company so that we can get the hell out of the creepy-looking-ass road. I quickly found out a towing company which was situated a few miles away and because the sun was setting and it was getting dark, we decided to call them up to inform them.
It was after 4 tries when they finally took the initiative to pick up the call. I asked them about their services and charges. The manager seemed to be in a hurry so he gave me a brief about everything. I needed some time to think and told them to stay on hold for a while so that I could discuss it with my husband. After 5 minutes when I revert to them, the phone was already hanged up. I had to call them again several times before they even picked up my call. The manager picked up the call and I told them our location. I asked them the time they would take to come but the manager was not clear with his statement and told me that the towing staff will reach as soon as they possibly can. All his trucks were busy on the road. I waited for half an hour and called them to take updates about the towing truck. My phone was left unanswered. I waited for another half an hour and the truck still didn’t arrive. It was already dark and my family was getting insecure regarding their health. They called me from the front and told me that the truck would be arriving in the next 20 minutes but it was more than 40 minutes after the phone call when we decided to call another truck towing company because I wasn’t ready to wait for the Big Rig Collision Center any longer. I contacted another company and called them up. I didn’t have to call a million times for them to pick up my call and they took only 20 minutes to arrive while the people from the Big Rig Collision Center were yet to arrive. My car was ready and loaded, it was this time after 3 long hours the towing truck from the Big Rig Collision Center came in. It was of no use now because we already had paid to different company. They kept us waiting for so long and it pissed me off.
It was too late but the staff member didn’t let us go and told us to pay the gas money, I denied at first but they were being aggressive and started to threaten us. Their behavior scared our kids and I had to pay them after all. I was annoyed by this and sad as well but could do nothing because the place was already creepy and dark. I wanted to leave the place so I paid the money and went away. I would like to advise everyone out there, not to take their business to the Big Rig Collision Center. They are worthless.

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