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Published: 28 January 2018

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Bill Miller was paid to repair & bring a piano up to proper performance condition for our church. He misrepresented the work he has done on it. It’s unusable. On 4/11/15, I found a Wurlitzer Small Grand piano for sale in Bixby. I knew someone who was familiar with it from John 3:16 Mission, where it was before the seller bought it. I contacted him & got the name of the piano technician who worked on it for them, & was told it was Mr. Bill Miller. I contacted Mr. Miller & asked him to come out & evaluate the piano’s current condition, & to advise us as to the possibility of bringing the Wurlitzer piano back up to proper performance standards so that we could use it in our small church. Mr. Miller arrived that afternoon, & began to extoll the virtues of the instrument, going on and on about all of the work he did on it in 2004 for John 3:16. He told me, in front of witnesses, that he had performed the following work on it: That it had new strings and a new pin block; it had new hammers; it had new dampers; and ALL – and he repeated this more than once – ALL of the moving parts in the action had been replaced, including “bearings, bushings – anything that was worn was replaced”. Further, he said that it was an EXCELLENT piano, and that, to replace it with a new one that was comparable would be a “small Baldwin”, and it would cost “$22,000.00”. He said that this Wurlitzer was an outstanding piano & that we would be “very pleased” with it’s performance & how it sounded in our church, once he was through with it. He wrote out an estimate for the repairs he said it needed, which included ONE broken hammer, but he repeatedly assured me – in front of witnesses – that, when he got through with it, this piano would be “RIGHT”. Finally, before he left, he told the seller that, “If they don’t buy this piano – I WILL! It’s a dandy! I have a woman in Ft. Smith that is looking for one like it and will buy it!” And then he left. I purchased the piano from the seller. On Wed. 4/15, Mr. Miller and his man showed up, loaded it up in their trailer, and took it to their shop. He had originally told me it would take “3 weeks” to properly “do the job”, but, that Wednesday, he said they would “try” to have it ready for Sunday services on April 19th. They delivered it the afternoon of April 18th. He told me that “There were 9 hammers in that piano that were broken and had to be replaced”, among many other things that they did to it. After setting it up, Mr. Miller tuned it, told us it would take a week or so to “settle in”, and left. Our pianist tried it out, and there were MANY things wrong with it, not the least of which being it was so terribly out of tune and many of the notes didn’t sound when she pressed the keys that she had to pick songs for the next day that didn’t need the notes that wouldn’t play right or weren’t terribly out of tune. It wasn’t easy, but we made it through that Sunday. I called Mr. Miller and asked him to come out & tune it, & told him that it had several other things wrong with it that I wanted fixed. He came out on Friday, 4/24, & I gave him 3 pages of things that were wrong with it, & left him for a little while to go eat lunch. Before I left, he told me that the action was “all original – 1921”, which means that there NEVER WERE broken hammers that had been replaced, & that he had NOT really fully rebuilt the action in 2004 like he said he did. When I returned, he was gone, the piano was in WORSE tune than it was when he arrived, and NONE of the issues I had written down for him had been fixed. I had professional piano technician come in the next day to examine the Wurlitzer & evaluate it for me. He confirmed that the action was all original, that the hammers and moving parts were NOT new, & that, in his estimation, the piano wasn’t worth what it would cost to fix it. I called Mr. Miller that day, & he promised to fix it. He came out on 4/28, did SOME work on it, & left. Now it is MORE out of tune than it was before he arrived, and he did NOT fix even MOST of the items on my list. He now claims that parts are not available for it, but they are here: This piano is unusable, & his services have been deplorable. Our position is as follows: 1. We went to Mr. Miller and TRUSTED him – in good faith – to tell us if this piano could be brought up to proper performance standards for use in our church. He promised us faithfully that it was, and that he could do so. He has failed to do so on all points. 2. We TRUSTED him to tell us the TRUTH about the actual condition of this piano, and we BELIEVED him when he told us that it was an excellent instrument, and that he could deliver to us an properly performing piano that would provide us years of quality music and enjoyment. He has failed us in this regard, as well. 3. We have had him out REPEATEDLY to fix the problems, only to have him leave with them NOT being resolved, and, every single time, the piano has been MORE out of tune than it was when he came in the door that day. 4. We acted on HIS advice and paid for the Wurlitzer because HE SAID it was rebuildable. His website says he is an expert at bringing old pianos back to life, but he sure didn’t do it on ours! 5. Mr. Miller stated, in front of witnesses, that he was paid by John 3:16 Mission $5,000 to restore the Wurlitzer piano, and that he donated “$7,000 more in parts and labor” to finish the job “right” (he lkies to use that word). Now – IF this piano had $12,000 worth of work done to it in 2004, WHERE did the money go? It certainly wasn’t in NEW PARTS, because the most imporant parts – the “action” – is all original! Combined with what WE paid him, it should be BETTER than new! In fact – the monies spent on it by John 3:16 alone were enough to buy a NICE small grand that is much newer! 6. Had he told us the TRUTH, we would NOT have bought it. NOW, we have to find another piano to replace the one HE SAID would be “right”, because we have given our old piano away to someone else who needed one. We have filed a complaint against him with the Better Business Bureau, but he has yet to reply, leaving us with another Sunday with no piano. While we hate to speak ill of others, we are compelled to say – BEWARE BILL MILLER OF BILL MILLER PIANO WAREHOUSE IN TULSA! .

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