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Published: 08 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

3 weeks ago I asked Bilton Behr Chevrolet for a quote on putting a new engine in my vehicle.The quote was average to low. Since they ere the closest dealer I decided to go with them as I could check on it in the afternoons. I called them Friday morning to tow the truck to their dealership to be repaired. They did not pick it up until Monday morning. I told them the engine had knocked and locked up and ask them to check it out first and see what it needed. Woody the only mechanic said he did not need to he could tell by what I had told him it needed a new engine. He said it would take a week and it would be ready, He said GMC had rated it as an 11 hour job. Linda the service manager ordered a new engine and it arrived the next day. But it came without gaskets. So she ordered the gaskets and they arrived on Wednesday costing me another day of my business being down and a rental car fee. My vehicle sat in the parking lot until Friday afternoon (7 days) when Woody removed the old motor. Ok I thought, I am starting to get service. But no when I went back on Monday afternoon nothing had been done. I asked Woody about it and he said he was busy with other cars. On Tuesday I went by at lunch, he was still working on other vehicles and had not done anything except having had taken my engine out. So I parked in the parking lot and sat in my rental watching Woody work on any vehicle but mine. I asked him what I could do if I needed to complain to the service manager about her switching him to other vehicles. He said yes. I expressed my feelings to Linda the service manager and she told me they would get to it. I again sat in my rental watching Woody from across the parking lot eventually he was getting so embarrassed at me watching him he said he would get on it right away. That was at noon Tuesday. Wednesday morning Linda called me to tell me my vehicle is ready I had a bad feeling about the engine being put in so fast so I told her I was on my way to test drive it. When I asked her for the keys she told me I could not take it of the lot until I had paid for it.I was hot and went and cranked it up with my other set. I let it run in the parking lot until it reached normal operating temperature. Woody was very nervous and came over and was wiping down the bumper. I told him it sounded rough. He said it was and old vehicle and maybe the fuel filter needed changing. I asked if he had test-drove it he said he had idled it in the parking lot and that was all he needed to do. I said I was going to take it for a test drive and told him to get it. We did not even make it up to 45 mph or a mile down the road before it was chugging. I gave it a little acceleration to test it in over drive and it chugged off. I pulled over cranked it again and asked if he had put new injectors on it. He said no I asked him if he had cleaned the old ones, and he said no. He said he had just put the new engine in. I told him I thought the injectors needed cleaning. He was coming up with other parts that he thought might need replacing like the converter, spark plugs, fuel filter. I told him he should have had it running or have been able to tell me any problems before they called me telling me it was ready. He sat very quiet on the way back. I asked him to connect his computer to it and diagnose it. He said he had another car to get out and he would get to it. That was Wed at lunch. Thursday I stayed away. Friday I went in the afternoon to check on it. Nothing had been done. I asked Lyn what the status was and she said she did not know she thought it needed a converter or plug wires. I told her the plug wires were 6 months old. Then I went to Mr. Bilton and told him the problem I was having he transferred me to Mr. Gene Behr. Mr. Behr said he would check into it and would test ride it with me. (14 days) So then I did not here back until the following Tuesday. When Linda called and said it was ready. I test-drove it with Mr. Behr and disused the problem I had had with his service dept and mechanic. He said he only had enough business to keep one mechanic busy. I also talked to him about the bill I had seen on the counter. It turns out the price Linda gave me for putting and engine in was just the price of the long block. They added on a gasket set, and the plug wires, plugs and distributor cap that they had put on with out telling me before they did. The bill was $1868.19 more than the original quote. He said some times people buy an engine and put it in them selves. I told him that is not what I had asked I had asked for the price to put and engine in my truck. They told me they had had a problem in the past with people paying cash for the quoted amount and writing a check for the extras then canceling the check the next day. So obviously they have quoted a low price and jacked it up on others also.I paid the full amount is cash. And removed it from their lot. (19 days)I have driven it for two days slow and easy short distances. It is running hot wont go into 4wd, and the exhaust is rattling. But there is nothing I can do about it. Although I did have a tape recorder in my pocket every time I was there. Angry customer 10 Holly Hill, South CarolinaU.S.A.

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