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Published: 03 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

There are many of us who have been witness to the actions of 35 year old, Stephanie Curran for many years. It has been disgusting to watch this woman and her now 24 or 25 year old boyfriend, Nikita Hermesman scam people to get their business, their clients, lie, steal, and cheat innocent people who trust them. Stephanie Curran and Nikita Hermesman live in Lake Worth, Florida but they do business all overthe country. This woman, Stephanie Curran, and her boyfriend, Nikita Hermesman, post all over social media how amazing and great they are when they are only on top from stealing from different systems. That is how they have money. She gives speeches about how much money they make and being a good church woman what she is a bogus FAKE. So many of us that knew her back when she was heavily involved in her “consulting of rehabs and sober homes. She’s a smooth talker and seems very smart initially becasue she is crazy good at her CON experience. | From what we all hear, her boyfriend, Nikita Hermesman is Stephanie Curran’s “yes” boy and just as cocky as she is. Thankfully she will finally be stopped. We have heard from many that in both their Lab business, HCC Management, and their CBD/Vape company “Biolief” they have kept money and lied to reps they hired, taken money from physicians and clinic vendors for their CBD company “Biolief”. They need to lock up and throw away the key on this nasty woman, Stephanie Curran. Her boyfriend “Nikita Hermesman” can’t even pretend he didn’t know what she did or continues to do unless he’s as dumb as people have said. They had a great con together. Thank God these 2 wont be able to scam and other innocent good people. Please beware of both of them with their Biolief CBD Comapny and they lab management company HCC Management. It’s been rumored she owns a few other businesses too “consulting” companies. Her sites claim she is CEO of Biolief. Many of us in the business have been celebrating that this criminal, Stephanie Curran, was federally indicted 2 days ago. See sites below. If her boyfriend Nikita Hermesman also behaves as she has for so long, it will be great if he is also indicted. Noone should get away with this behavior. She got rich quick at the expense of others. According to many, they are the dynamic con duo. Lets all hope justice prevails. Be aware of them, especially Stephanie, she plays the victim like she was wronged in these cases. It seems she forgets that most individuals are smart enough to know she’s been investigated for many years and it’s not easy to indict someone federally with the grand jury in an case unless they have proof. This isn’t like a regular arrest, this is a different ballgame. RUN FAST. These are their “known” Companies : Biolief,LLC Nuvae Medical,LLC HCC Management Group, LLC stephaniecurran | stephaniecurranbiolief | bioliefceocriminal | bioliefceostephaniecurranindicted | bioliefnikitahermesman innovativeadvisors hccmanagementgroup biolief bioliefcbd

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