Bishop Marvin S Powell Jr

Bishop Marvin S Powell Jr

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Published: 09 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was a victim of Bishop Marvin S. Powell, Jr. also. He added me as a facebook friend in January 2018 and began inboxing me in June of the same year. He began immediately in June inboxing me and telling me how beautiful I was and that he loved the God in me. He told me he was single and looking for a wife. I told him I was not looking and not interested in pursuing a relationship since my fiancee had just passed away in 2010. Over a period of time, Mr. Powell continued to pursue me with a passion and with great intensity and insisted on meeting me and invited me to speak at his church for a pre Christmas fellowship dinner in December. We exchanged telelphone numbers and Mr. Powell would call at various times and continued to proclaim his love for me insisting that I was the one for him and the one he’d been looking for all of his life. “Bishop” Powell would sometimes inbox or call and tell me that he had a death in his family and needed money to fly to his home town of Connecticut or that the lights in the church were going to be disconnected, or someone had broken into his church and stolen his keyboard, his kids needed something, etc. I didn’t know of course at the time that his church was located in the basement of his home supposedly. Being a caring woman, I sent him a total of $275.00 in increments of $100.00 twice and $75.00 because I wanted to help out. He also needed a computer because his was broken and he needed one to post on facebook. I finally agreed to meet him and traveled to Georgia in December of 2018 with the intention of speaking at his church and giving him a new computer. Upon my arrival, he immediately took me to his best friends home (a female) and the three of us went to breakfast. He had told me prior to my arrival that everything was paid for on his end. After breakfast they took me to a motel and he told me I could go in and pay. I wasn’t prepared to pay for anything because of what he had previously told me but I knew I had to have some place to stay so I charged everything on my credit cards. He and his friend left and later came to pick me up for dinner that evening. After dinner when they took me back to my room I knew within my heart that he and his friend were more than “just friends” and I had a gut feeling that Mr. Powell was taking me for a ride in more than one way. I confronted Mr. Powell and told him that I knew he and his friend were a couple. He of course stated that he didn’t know what I was talking about and left abruptly. I stayed in Georgia for 3 1/2 days to make sure of my assumptions. The next morning Mr. Powell picked me up at the motel and took me to his church. We drove to his home and he proceeded to lead me to a door located in the basement of his home. I saw a room lightly decorated as a church with a pulpit, and approximately 10 to 20 chairs. Located behind this room was what he called his recording studio with a keyboard, mixing board, and huge screens. After viewing the 2 rooms we left immediately and he took me back over to his friends house. He left me at his friends home saying he had choir rehearsal and would be back later. He never returned and his friend took me to the motel. The next day I didn’t hear from Mr. Powell at all and since I’d never been in Georgia before I contacted his female friend and asked if she would pick me up because I was starving. She picked me up and took me to her home and spoke with Mr. Powell by telephone and he stated he would be picking us up for the fellowship dinner for which I had been invited to speak. Of course, I never heard from Bishop Powell or spoke to him again and was abandoned in Georgia by him until I left. He immediately blocked me from his facebook page and that was the last that I ever heard from him or saw him.

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