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Published: 13 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is a pyramind scheme, wrapped around Bitcoin. I was told they could double my money by those who work under the CEO or owners of the organization. It looked to good to be try, however they use other as I call it for small bait. Noted someone who invested 1K making their daily payouts on a protol they give you access to, and was convienced, it had to work. I went myself invested 5K, then brought my husband, he invested 3K. At this point is when the so called business became sloppy. Pay outs were coming in daily (average-$6.00 per day), however when doing your cash-outs this is another story. The site would sometimes not work, told they are updating the server to move faster….Orginally was told pay outs are within 2-3 days, max. My fist pay out took about 2 weeks. Towards end daily pay outs never came and then never received. It has been over 3 months since requested my earned pay outs, (not making cash outs any longer) and been told it is due to them making a completly new server which now pay cash outs daily however once it reaches $30 per day it goes to your coinbase or BTC wallet. Why make a new website when you old one we are told is having updates (interesting). Demand answers, get buying time: “we are working on the issue”, “server has a mal function”, etc. All lies. Finally cause they know I am on to them they state great news we meet the new location which now in in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and talked to the CEO and owners of your concern and we will update. Meet the leader who I gave my investment to, told the CEo will be done to speak to us and give us our initial investment. Excuse me I dont think so, here is the deal, you baiscally took my funds and gave me a empty promise. So to make it in more simple terms, you took a loan on my money interest free no way. If I ever do meet the so called owner, I will request my funds all get return to the penny and inform him of his interest charge on my monies from the time he borrowed and paid in full. In full investigation on this scam organization, they have ties in South Korea, China, El Savador, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakaistain, USA. Some major players are: | Hilda Magallanes – works Bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro and Lucrazon Global (Lucrazon, known for Global Scam) | Miguel Rodrigues (CEO) – works Bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro, bitgamemining.clun and Lucrazon | Daniel Tamez- works bitgamepro and now bitgameproglobal | Matt Hammond- Bitgameproglobal and bitgamepro | Gabriela Barron – bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro, worked Global Trading Club (which folded due to ponzi scheme) | Jonathan Silva – bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro, Global Trading Club | Rodrigo Castro – bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro, Global Trading Club | Francisco Olivos – bitgameprogloabl, bitgamepro, Global Trading Club | Luis Martinez (Owner) – bitgameprogloabl, bitgamepro, Global Trading Club | Ernesto Navaez- bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro | Kennedy Zacarias- bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro | Devin Grant – bitgameproglobal | Julian Parra – bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro | Micah Thomas- bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro | Jarius Moore – bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro | Juan Carlos Salazar – bitgameproglobal, bitgamepro | Veronica Carriaga – works in Arizona at the minning field | So many more the list goes on, point is they have a huge influence on South Korean investors as well.

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