Bitwine_Total Frauds and Scam Artists

Bitwine_Total Frauds and Scam Artists

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Published: 23 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I know that my need for readings is my own personal issue. I recognize that one should not psychic readings. I want to protect others from becoming me…please do not seek out readings…my experiences below should forwarn you from becoming dependant on false hopes as I did. I do believe that some people have an abiltity to see a different realm and can sense and foresee things. But, I have found that 99% of the people that I have encountered have not demonstrated any true abilty. Just please do not fall into the trap I did in becoming reliant on someone else to give them hope for the near and longterm future. That hope has to come from within. These websites fuel addiction. They are out to take your money – this is how they make their livelihood. They have not been integral, they were never my friends (they are running a business not a friendship circle), and the whole “blessings” and ‘love and light” are great to suck you into thinking maybe they have some moral fibre but, really, when you question them, you can see their responses back to clients like myself where they say “karma will get you”, “client delusional”, “energy changed”, “you did not follow what I told you to do”, “client is a liar”, “client upsent because could not handle the truth”, “client got upset because I would not give them anymore free time”, This whole nonsense of free will and energy changing…why do you need to seek out a reading if the predictions will change because of this? This is their explanation when you challenge them. Timeframes given are usually months away. Well on Bitwine, you can only provide a rating within two weeks of the reading. So, you might rate them on how nice they are and ability to read the current situation but rarely do you ever read: “the prediction occurred” Bitwine – whose predictions for me have been 100% false: World Renowned Psychic – Changed stories. If you ask for clarificaition, they charge you 9.99 or under so that after the reading, you cannot give them a rating. Would a real psychic do that to you if they were confident in their predictions? Miss Elena: Nice and has great reviews because the ratings are before the time of the prediction. Dravengrey: writes a lot and at times has good insight but not accurate with predictions Love Psychic Ashley – strings you along for months and months Advisor Michelle – predictions wrong; tries to sell spells, chakra cleansings Healing Powers – Dr, Lisa – was useless for me Psychic Love 411 – yeah can read current and past, but sells a “meditation” to clear your energy and tells you to do it for this time, then contact her back, then follow more stupid steps then pay more…and the cycle perpetuates AnnetteMarie – some reviews indicate that the predction passed but never did for me. When you question her as to why things did not happen on the date questioned, she tells you you are blocking things by asking Robin Zodiac – no prediction passed Marcello – nothing passed as predicted Powerful Visions – nothing powerful here but lies Dr. Loretta Love – predictions did not pass; when questioned, she blocks you Visions by Violet – not visions but just general information that I could give anyone myself Scarlet Walker – wants you to buy a cleansing, spell or other thing to unblock you The Love Whisperer – has great reviews but again reviews are provided before predictions happen and despite multiple readings, everything predicted was false Eby – nice guy but strings you along for months and months, pushing the timing further and further into the future, tries to sell you “meditations” Field Expert – total lies for me Lady Kathryn – nothing came to pass Accharya Jaydev – astrologer – lies for over a year and his excuse is that “astrologer is not god” when nothing happened as predicted; changes stories Love Psychic and Advisor Hannah – despite the high rate, nothing came to fruition Zachary Anthons These are just some that I sought guidance from over the years. I am sure there are more. Don’t become me…focus on being healthy, carrying on with your day-to-day life and loving yourself.

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