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Published: 23 July 2019

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Note: Those affected should file your reports with ALL applicable agencies. Hong Kong Police Cyber Crime because their corps are in Hong Kong Hong Kong Consumer Council UK Action Fraud because their banking is in the UK US FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center for US residents to document losses Black Arrow Bank Information Beneficiary company name: BLACK ARROW LIMITED Beneficiary company address: Room 1701, 17/F, Henan Building, No. 90-92, Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Beneficiary bank account number: Beneficiary bank name: HSBC Hong Kong Beneficiary bank address: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong Swift address: HSBCHKHHHKH IBAN: There is no IBAN. This company is located in Hong Kong, not in Europe. Hong Kong uses SWIFT. IBAN and SEPA are for Europe transfers only. Beneficiary company name: DESTINO LIMITED Beneficiary company address: Flat 1 Edward Place, 240 Kings Road, Reading, RG1 4NY, United Kingdom Beneficiary bank name: Metro Bank Beneficiary bank address: 201 Broad Street Mall, Reading, RG 1 7QA, United Kingdom Beneficiary country: United Kingdom Swift code: MYMBGB2LXXX EUR Account Number: USD Account number: GBP Account Number: Description of the fraud: Black Arrow set up the website: They set up the bank accounts listed above in Hong Kong and United Kingdom. They offered “mining” computers at prices significantly cheaper than KNC Miner and Cointerra to entice people to become customers. They collected funds from customers globally both by wire transfer and by BTC. They ordered the parts, assembled the “mining” computers, and instead kept the equipment to “mine” the BTC themselves. The entire time, they lied to customers through email and their website blog stating that huge technical obstacles were causing the delays. Technically proficient customers started suspecting fraud after identifying that the technical issues that Black Arrow was claiming, had already been solved by other companies years ago. These customers and others who were already upset with the delays began requesting refunds, and initially Black Arrow agreed. However, Black Arrow was intentionally lying again to customers to keep the equipment and “mine” the BTC longer. Because they only had to pay for the electricity, Black Arrow was able to generate profit very easily. The BTC market fell steadily from December 2013, eventually making “mining” unprofitable. It was at this point (December 2014) that Black Arrow claimed all technical issues were solved, and that customers had 2 choices. Sign another contract and let Black Arrow host the “mining” computers for you, while you paid them additional fees. Have Black Arrow ship you the “mining” computers. Some customers who chose to sign a contract stated they received “mined” digital coins for 1 week, and then nothing after that. Essentially, Black Arrow is again illegally keeping the profit for themselves, because customers were paying the hosting fees. Those customers who chose shipment after the intentional >1 year delay have reported the equipment: had been illegally used, showed signs of scratches all over, significant wear and tear on the internal hardware, had rust on the exterior, was significantly less capable than advertised, catches fire easily, and/or completely inoperable. The intent of Black Arrow Limited and Destino Limited was to illegally secure 0% financing to mine BTC for themselves, ship used worthless and/or damaged equipment to customers once they were done, and give the false impression that all funds were spent or lost in fraud, while significant funds are still present in various bank accounts and digital wallets. Individuals Involved: Criminal 1: MR DANIEL ANDRONIC, www.facebook…iel.andronic.77 LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM Criminal 2: MRS IULIA CRISTINA IXARI (a.k.a. IULIA IXARI, CRISTINA IXARI) BERKSHIRE, , UNITED KINGDOM .

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Scammer and Con Artist

Yuri Vanetik is a seriously dangerous asset manager who has been targeting folks from California and scamming them. Yuri misrepresented


This company doesn’t ever provide leads. They take your money and your credit card info and NEVER send leads. They will continue to charge

Place and food is disgusting

The staff is the worst part of this place.  They are dirty, rude and just straight up gross.  White chick with dark hair was literally

Price is too high

All my issues were solved, but they tried charging me more than what I had expected. They said it would be about 125 an hour and that it

Don’t Do It

I can’t believe you all are still in business with the shady dealings you all have going on. Paid for expedited shipping, received the


We ordered $375. worth of products and never received nothing,  they kept the money and no response from them. Totally disappointed and


I sent $409 for an upper. He said he could only use Zelle. Well that was the same as sending cash. No response to any emails (lots of

A scam

This company does not allow you to register or use the prepaid card from Anthem I have tried numerous times to activate this card on their