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Published: 22 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Some may have wondered as to why i booted myself from blog talk, so ill state it for the record here. I feel for every person that defended this country so we have our free rights of speech and many other freedoms we all enjoy in the united states. When one small entity thinks they may silence this right, we have to take a look into whom they may be. One such business is Blog Talk Radio. internet radios plat form in general.As I looked deeper into just who Blog Talk Radio is we learned a lot actually.It is very concerning to see how this association has defended crooks, thieves and listened to the voices of such folks, but could their actually be a direct link into the paranormal? could it be one of the folks we exposed had deeply rooted connections to blog talk radio? were their family members that assisted Daniel Ryan Buel into his theatrical performances through the past several years?what ever the case i did find that i am not alone out there, seems Blog Talk has had some bad dealings with other folks in the same exact regard and manner that i myself did. in the same fashion, as was stated in the national rip off report.It does seem so close to what is going on with them now, they do not return phone calls or even emails block folks randomly, and they steal your money if they decide to pull your shows your credit card will still be booked and your blocked, banned, and muted from even listening to anything to do with bog talk shows. Well they think they like you to believe they have the power to do so, but i am here to let you all know not in their life do they a small company living on the pretend premises they are larger then life.I called blog talk for many days spoke one time to a man and they never even bothered to call back and even promised things and in return they delivered the same silence. maybe were onto something here maybe not.I decided to leave the Blog Talk Platform as i didn’t want to deal with a communistic approach, that blog talk uses and it is clear there intentions, if your not a premium user, by premium if your using the most expensive package they offer they will have no time for their own clients.As I grew tired of Blog Talks Medeling and attempting to control me as we all know i am free bird and manipulating me does not come easy. I decided to leave blog talk and i did a 2 hour show exposing them for their dirty secrets as well on their own platform. As i had figured prior, they would and did remove the archived show but I got down loaded, i guessed blog talk didn’t appreciate the truth and nothing but the truth coming to the surface here.I wanted folks to see exactly what others are saying, its pretty accurate from what i have been able to research and yes this sherry is all over Blog Talk most likely the one not making good business decisions at all or not having a clue as to what is really going on in their own network.please see the national rip off report here as i have added a link to this page so others will not be conned or confused by a major game playing business also i also need to let folks know blog talk claims to have a million shows and be so large a larger then life outlook of their appearance, how ever as i notified the better Business burae, they stated for the record blog talk is not associated with them and for a larger then life company they found this interesting at the least. the truth here folks is blog talk uses its terms and conditions, policies to scam folks out of their own money, even if there is a terms violation if people use there credit cards to pay for their shows studio through blog talk, they have a right to a refund if they are not able to use their platform or if blog talk feels they were right in taking away someones priveleges. it is still not a policy to bill someones credit card and provide no services. this is nothing short of fraud any way it is perceived .

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