Blount County SPCA

Blount County SPCA

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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Curious…… what would you do? Find a large (by large, I mean it outweighs ME), but still emaciated, filthy, flea ridden, tape worms, hungry, and NO TAGS, dog wandering in the middle of the road 10 pm at night. Would you put it in the back of your car? Bathe it for over an hour to kill every miserable flea? Feed it? Then make an appointment at a vet clinic to indeed check if it has a microchip? Because this is exactly what I DID DO this past week to then be completely slandered by the Blount Co. SPCA.- (and can PROVE in any court.) Once the owners were found and discovered the dog had only been missing for 3 DAYS in that condition, I INITIATED a call to Blount County Animal Control, left a voicemail, and NEVER received a call back. Told the owner the dog is “safe, fed, cared for but awaiting on a response from Blount County Animal Control due to it being unacceptable for the poor condition he was found in after being lost for ONLY 3 DAYS.” Refused reward $$. Stated the ONLY thing I wanted was assurance of PROPER CARE for this precious dog. The owners then called Blount Co. Sheriff’s department. AGAIN, picked up the phone to state- this is my name, my #, this is the situation, “NOT a dog thief. Concerned for the dog’s welfare, etc.” Respectful, pleasant conversation on how to handle the situation. (In fact, the Blount Co. Sheriff department stated I should seek an attorney for pursuing the slanderous civil matter.) Blount Co. SPCA’s erronenous report of portraying themselves as the hero and us as the evil dog villains, then led to complete STRANGERS on my FB KW business page giving poor reviews and slanderous remarks- stating me as “unethical.” These are the facts that the Blount Co. SPCA NEVER “investigated” prior to giving my FULL name with phone number VIRALLY on social media- My side of the story, where the dog was found, the condition the dog was found in, etc. Interestingly enough, NEVER ONCE as a supposed agency in “protecting the welfare of animals” ever mentioned in their slanderous posts ANY gratitude for FINDING the wandering dog in the middle of a road with NO tags, bathing it, feeding it, nor cared to hear about how a vet appointment was indeed made to find out if the dog was microchipped. NO, they were much more interested in sensationalizing a FALSE story, omitting the FACTS, portraying themselves as the hero while publicly, virally posting our FULL names and phone numbers- prior to speaking with us. I have a Bachelor of Science DEGREE in Wildlife & Fisheries due to my love of animals. Worked at vet clinics due to my love of animals. Probably Knoxville Zoo’s longest intern due to my love for animals…..Picked up a filthy, wandering dog due to my love of animals. To then be vilified by strangers misinformed by the Blount County SPCA is beyond insulting and offensive. There was NEVER ANY “FEAR of legal prosecution” as the Blount Co. SPCA reported the reason why we took the dog to it’s vet. THE ONLY concern was assuring the dog would be properly cared for and initiating a call to authorities for help on the situation. The thanks I’ve gotten for ensuring the dog wasn’t hit, bathing it, feeding it, and truly caring for it seems to have opened the gate to be completely vilified by strangers. Strangers that have called me a “maniac and idiot” that I then gave my # to and told to call me for clarification. (Realize just how brave some feel on social media to express their ignorance but then when given an invite and opportunity to communicate as a mature adult, there’s only the sound of crickets chirping….) They wanted none of it. Not to listen nor understand. What they wanted was a witch hunt.I now understand why people are afraid to help someone or something in need. For this very reason……but I’m gonna keep on being me. And okay with being the voice for the next voiceless creature I find that needs help. Sadly, I USED to believe in the SPCA until I picked up a wandering dog, without any tags, and actually cared for it. They no longer have ANY credibility in my opinion, at least NOT for the Blount Co. SPCA. What I witnessed has been complete ineptness in ANY kind of “investigation” and publicly giving misinformation, which has now led toslandering me, my name, reputation, ethics, and character. UNACCEPTABLE. Lesson learned??Don’t be an ignorant fool that believes everything you read, hear without TRULY investigating all sides.

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