BMW Finance Services

BMW Finance Services

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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I recently had to return my car to BMW Financial services. The car was 32k and interest on 60 months was 16K which made it 48K. As a company director when I was working, a company car was part of may package I leased a new car from BMW for more than 15 years, now I have not worked since december 2006 just running my own business and finding very hard to keep going, the only thing that is keeping me going are my family especially the kids.I could not keep up the repayment for the last BMW so I called BMW to see if they would help. I offered half the payment until my situation gets better and that was turned down along side all other offers that I offered them. I paid more than 10,000 in instalment plus deposit and when I returned the car BMW got 21K for it so I thought that was it. but no, BMW decided to sue for the interest. This interest is a service, BMW suppose to get this money only if the loan goes the whole 60 months but because I did not read the small print theu sued me for 24,000. making the price of the nealy twice of what it is worth. BMW financial Services are not the only ones at it. I think we are now living in a jungle and the more powerful people, companies, have been given free hand from the government to do whatever they want.I heard what you said about signing the contracts amd that we have to read them properly etc…but I can assure that it does not matter how well you read these contracts, unless you have a law degree, you will never be able to understand what they really say. BMW financial services like others, employ expensive lawyer firms to draft these contracts for them. You are not given the contract to take home or to give to a lawyer firm prior to assessment or signature. You are given 1000 of cups of teas and coffees, a lot of documents to look at all at ones, small print is usually a phtotcopy and you are not given the chance to discuss or reject these contracts, you ignb or you walk.we need to desperatly find a solution where a contract does not matter how good it is, can be discussed and we need to change the laws to give people a chance to defend themselves against these sharks. I went to court and the judge did not even give me a look in, my solicitor was saying that i was going to lose the case even before I got there and BMW will not get 24,000 interest on a loan that lasted 18 months instead of 60 months.we see this now everywhere, the government is not interested, they are doing anything about it. it seems that all you have to do is find a good solicitor firm to draft a solid contract for you and you can get out there sell asnything or do anything or get involved in loans and drugs and whatever and at the end of the day even if you are robbing the people the contract that you have in place will protect you.Companies like BMW and also banks are using the same policies to steal money from people. I know at least 4 people who dies from stress related to money. Money borrowed in a good time but now especially when you are in a weak situation and cannot defend yourself, companies and people will money have the upper hand and thousands are dying or getting sick because os stress related diseases, NOONE SEEMS TO BE TALKING ABOUT THIS INCLUDING YOU.I heard on the TV the other day, the ladies advising us to read these contracts properly but as I said, you really need to have a degree in law to be able to understand these contracts, I hope that something can be done.My suggestions is that the law has to be changed. Contract or no contract, there should a law and a system that looks at cases in their individual meritts. we have to make sure that the poor and needy and people under hardship are protected. BMW should never be able to sue for more than what I owe and if it can be proved that they have received more that what the car is worth then they should not be entitled to any more. banks also, lending companies also. These contracts should be standard and generated and regulated by the government be it UK government or EU governmen. Companies should not be entitled to draft their own contracts, put whatever they want on there and make it very difficult to make people understand what they have signed for.This is now affecting a lot of people, people are losing their lifelyhood becaus they could not pay a mortgage or a loan after redanduncy, i could go even further than this, people are losing their lives, Kids are losing their fathers, families losing their homes, all because THEY HAVE NOT READ THE SMALL PRINT. The print has to be removed, contracts have to be policed and livelyhood and families especially the ones going through bad times, have to be defended against these greedy, heartless, companies.

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