Bob Bell Ford Glen Burnie

Bob Bell Ford Glen Burnie

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Published: 04 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On Wednesday, August 26, 2016 I called Bob bell Ford to see if my car was still under warrenty cause it would not start. They referred me to finance dept. I was told it was still under warrenty 75,000 miles bumper to bumper. I told them I didn’t know what was wrong with my truck it would not start. the service man (Tom) told me to call this 1- 800 which is the emergency road service number on my warrenty. I called them and they again checked and said yes I was covered and he then told me to find someone that could possible give me a jump and if i could not do that to give them a call back that it was going to be a hour or more before someone could even get to me. I asked him if I got it started, if I could go to auto zone and if they said it was battery just get my battery since that would not be covered and he said ifi took my truck to auto zone it would void my warrenty I had not choice in the matter but to take it to Bob Bell Ford. So after I got it jumped I drove straight to Bob Bell Ford. When I got there I could not shut it off or it would not of restarted. I pulled into the lane there was no one there. There were alot of mechanics sitting there in quick lube and I asked one of them where I would go they told me to see the guys behind the glass. I went in and asked for Tom. I told him that I couldn’t turn my vehicle off or it would not start up again. I told him that my son said that quick lube had a mobile battery tester and they could test my battery and if it was my battery I could buy a battery and get out their door. He said he did not have anyone around to do that even though there was plenty of men sitting in the area. He walked over got permission from somone to give me a loner vehicle and then came back over and told me to go see the cashier and that I would have to leave my vehicle. He told me if it was the battery that would not be covered I would have to replace the battery myself that is not a warrenty piece but any componets of the vehicle that might be bad such as the starter, altenater, etc that would be covered under the warrenty. He said he would call me in the morning after they looked at it. The next day approximately 9:15AM I had not heard from anyone so I called and they said they were working on another vehicle and mine would be nexted. A few minutes later they called me right back told me that it was my battery. He said the charge was going to be $196.72. I told him what can I do I need my vehicle. Immediately after receiving that call I called my son whom used to work in quicklube and he said that they have to check batteries on every car they do an oil change on. He told me to ask them why they couldn’t run the test in quicklube last night when the vehicle was brought in? Then I called my son-in-law Ron whom works at Bob Bell Chev/Nissan on Eastern Avenue and he said he would give them a call concerning the total amount cause it didn’t seem correct to him. He said he would call me back to go to Bob bell Ford to get my truck. When I got to the Service Department to pick up my vehicle Mr. Tom picked up the phone and even called someone and asked if he could do a better price on the battery and he said two times this is family man and he laughed and after he hung up he said that is the best price I can give you on the battery mam. I feel like I have been taken advantage of as a female and made a fool out of. My bill was $171.88. I left his desk and went to the cashier and paid my bill. I paid $60.00 for Labor when I have two(2) qualified individuals that could put a battery in my vehicle for me and/or auto zone may have had a bettery price for battery it would not of voided my warrenty as I was LIED to believing would happen. I have purchased alot of vehicles from Bob Bell Ford over the years and I think if you go into your records you will see I go back into the 80’s of buying my vehicles from Bob Bell Ford. So to be ripped-off. I think I am owned some money refunded from Bob Bell Ford for Over-payment of Services!!!!!

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