Bonnie Combs / Manda Webb - Scam

Bonnie Combs / Manda Webb - Scam Review

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously Bonnie has been requesting people donate to her “friend" who is nothing more than a methamphetamine and crack cocaine user and that is why she has no teeth left at the tender age of 31. This “woman”, much like Bonnie Combs the convicted Tulsa child molester, thinks it’s funny to pretend to have cancer and other illnesses in a pitiful attempt to scam the good people of tumblr (and twitter) out of their hard earned money. In reality, she has money. She collects a good chunk of money from the government, ie: welfare and food stamps, but you can’t buy crack cocaine with food stamps and that is why she is now asking for donations. Bonnie Combs, being a con artist herself, saw this as an easy way to make a quick buck for herself and her pain medication addiction. Thankfully, most people are smarter than Bonnie and her only friend (MUCH smarter) and saw right through this scam. That is why no one has donated a penny to this woman or to Bonnie. Keep warning the public, folks!

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