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Boone's Home Improvement LLC

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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I then had my insurance company send him my current proof of insurance and City license. We had to iron out his wages on what he paid per square for his roofing which was $30 lessor a square what I am currently getting as a sub contractor for other roofing projects he pays only $55 per square no metal , no ice & water , layers or step flashing like other builders or companies like Lowe’s, Home. Depot, Kempsville etc. I decided to give him a shot because he pays a little bit better for window installation so we agreed to pay me $60 per square for roofing nothing more only because he had more roofs. Well he gave me a 12 square roof job in Virginia Beach it was taken away because my sub roofer just got his van out of the shop that Friday and my sub didn’t inform him that it didn’t start that evening because on that Saturday they suppose to meet and review the roof and his communication was late Mr. Boone didn’t discovery why my sub wasn’t at the Virginia Beach site review. So I was called by Mr. Boone and he awarded that roof to another roofing company or individual , it was during Hurricane Forence week his roofer got robbed other words someone stole his tools based on what Mr. Boone stated to me when he called me and said I need you asap first thing Wednesday morning the day the materials and roof suppose to start ask me within a 3 hour span round up my roofers to stop what where doing to attempt to go do the same roof he gave buy my sub van didn’t start. I told Me. Boone I will do my best I also stated it still raining off and on scattered showers . I told him my main guys are in Norfolk doing s low risk siding my sub I assigned to the job said short notice the price must go upfrom $60 per square but just trying to go do a job we was pushed back didn’t settled with my roofer because Mr. Boone went with another roofer who tools were stolen oh by a disgruntle employee. Now we decided to go with me again we decided to do Roof on Monday October 1 , 2018 with my back up one man gang due to the low wages he understood me because o keep him and his helper busy. Plus Mr. Boone assigned me a 4 square roof and a window installation on Oct 4 ,2018. Now on Saturday September 29, 2018 at 11:22 am Mr. Boone wants to meet with me at my place before we meet him at 4 square roof job at 1 pm to show me the scope of work. Meets with me and tell me first I don’t no why you need to use a canvas to cover the roof I said we use a canvas to water tight a roof until the shingles can be installed , my roofer was going to tear off roof and cover it over the weekend and Monday come and blow it out. Mr. Boone said that’s not his way to do do roofs I said no problem. Every GC has they own ways ok Then here’s the kicker he brings this mess off the net that anybody can’t say what they want truth or like whatever and my LLC with the State said cancelled it said my LLC is cancelled because I haven’t used it since 2018 when I had throat cancer who’s thinking about A LLC not me trying to live and deal with pain. I said been down for years just came back a year ago plus I said who haven’t had employee’s , clients etc didn’t want to pay what it worth sorta like he’s was about to do me. So he said all have a past even it’s his business he have family to take care off I guess I have stool pigeons thats life. Now to protect his reputation like Donald Trump’s says your fired. But if I send him references and he speak with them about my work etc he will consider me . Hello references can be made up.o ask.him.i have jobs currently come and see now he declined. Both of us are African American business he said he promotes black business it must be a grey area somewhere . I feel if he did his investigation a week before the meeting for me to sign off the time wasted on the short notice when I was there shows me your no different from the ones who posted negativitie statement without legal proof and the court of law thanks for keeping doing my own business and getting paid what the going rate is instead of low balling . Peace.

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