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Boulder Basic Sinclair

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Published: 30 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This company DESTROYED my van that I use for my cleaning business and for my family. It was my only form of transportation and now I have NOTHING! They were supposed to take the top heads off, have them machined and put them back on. They did not do that, they cut corners, took MY heads that were for my vehicle and used heads that were from a COMPLETELY different vehicle, so much so that the heads were smaller in size and they had to modify the rocker arms. We had the van for two weeks and then the problem happened. The rocker arms broke and got mangled and stuck inside of the engine, seized the engine and now it’s gone! They should have done it CORRECTLY, I paid them $1200 to do this. I had to sell my other vehicle otherwise I could not have afforded it. Ha! they admitted fault but told me I have to pay for a new engine!!!! WHY should I have to pay for something THEY messed up? I shouldn’t and I didn’t. When I asked for my money back, Glenn Gamer danced around it and played games with me. He lied to me over and over and said he doesn’t have the money. Well, then he told me to come and pick up the check within an hour, so yes I got a ride and went down there and he said he wasn’t going to give me the check until the cops come! WHAT??? So I waited for the cops, I told them what happened and they told him to give me the check. I had to go thru hell to get my money back. I really wanted to get the van fixed but I will NEVER let them touch my van or any other vehicle EVER AGAIN!!!! I have proof of everything that they did, pictures and all. I will tell EVERYONE to NEVER go there! They will mess up your car! They have also done it to other people. What happened was the head gaskets were blown on the top part of the engine. The push rods were bent as well, also when it overheated, it cracked the manifold on top. Keep in mind that about 3 years ago I took another van in to get a power steering pump replaced, they screwed that one up too, they didn’t repair it correctly and it caused severe damage so I chalked it up to bad luck and never pursued it (it was an old beat up van that wasn’t worth much) so I let it go. Now thinking that it would be alright to take our beautiful 1999 Chevy Venture in to get repaired by them since a relative is working there, he would do right by us. He did not. They started work on the Venture and we paid them all the money they asked for, they had it for 3 days. They called us to come and get it so we picked it up and it seemed fine except the owner told us that the check engine light was on because they couldn’t get it to go off, he told us that if it starts flashing to call him right away (why should we have to do that if it was repaired correctly?). When we got it home, it was fine and ran fine. We did notice however when we looked under the hood that they DID NOT replace the manifold, it had orange gasket sealant ALL OVER IT! We called them right away and he said that he would have to charge us another $800 to replace it! That was supposed to be INCLUDED in the price we paid him! Or we could have at least bought one from a junkyard and had it put it on, then we would have had to pay only $25 for it. BUT NO, he didn’t want to do that, he patched it all up and he said that it would be fine, well when you pay that much money, the job should be DONE RIGHT! That way at least we would never have to bring it in anymore and cause him and us to lose money. I also found out today, a family friend of ours also went to the same place roughly 3-4 years ago, that she went through the same thing! She paid them $1700 to repair it, they botched that one and they never refunded her money (she is a senior and didn’t want to fight it). I WILL FIGHT IT and I will get everyone else that has been screwed by them to get on board and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I’m sorry but I’m not going to let this one slip by.

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