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Published: 08 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I recently went to the Bourgeois Medical Clinic for a pre employment physical, I was told by other people that it would be a long wait, well I experienced that first hand. The waiting area had only 5 people when I arrived there at 9 a.m. I was given papers to fill out and told to wait until I was called to the back At about 1 p.m. my name was called , so I went to the back and was put in a room, I’ve must have stayed in the room about 45 minutes when the doctor walked in and started asking me questions about the information I put on the papers I filled out. I had back surgery in 1996, I had brought my release from the doctor who did the surgery back in 1996, the doctor looked at it and told me he wanted the medical reports from that surgery, I agreed to bring them to him as soon as I got them. I was checked out by the doctor and then told to stop at the front desk so the nurse could let me know what he needed. When I reached the front desk the nurse told me that the doctor wanted medical reports for my back surgery and she asked when did I have that done, I told her back in 1996 she looked at me and said she didn’t know why the doctor was asking for that because it’s been to long since I had that surgery done and he should have known better than that to ask for reports that were 17 years old because there was no way that I could get them but she said if the doctor who did the surgery didn’t have the reports anymore to bring a letter from them stating that they no longer had them. I went over to the doctor’s office who did the surgery and asked for my medical records and was told that medical records are only kept for a period of 5 years, he also told me that the doctor were I had gone for the physical should have known that, he wrote me the letter stating that my records had been purged. I then brought the letter to the Bourgeois Medical Clinic gave it to the nurse , she sais she was going to give it to the doctor and when he had gone over it he was going to call me. Well about a month went by and no call , so I decided to cal and find out what was going on I was told that the doctor had not reviewed it yet. I called back in about a week and still no answer, another week went by and I called again, it was then that I was told that the doctor had looked the letter over and decided that he needed more evidence than that before he could clear me. I then called the company that sent me there and asked them about it and I was told the same thing, that they wouldn’t hire me until I got the medical records the doctor wanted. I feel that the doctor at Bourgeois Medical Clinic discrimanated me for something he knew that I couldn’t get a hold of. I’m in the process of filing a discrimation suit against that doctor with the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners, because I couldn’t get the job I had applied for.

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