BP Amoco Gas Station

BP Amoco Gas Station

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Published: 23 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In November of 1999, I stopped at a BP gas station in McConnell, South Carolina to buy gas. The stores location is 200 N. Main St. I filled my car up with what I thought was gas. I then drove a mile down the road and the car’s engine died. I tried without sucess to start the car. Finally a man stopped on a tractor and asked what was the problem. I told him that the car had been running just fine until I stopped to buy gas. He asked me which gas station I told him, he then said he had the same problem a few months earlier after purchasing gas from this station. He said they fixed his truck without incident. He then rode down to the station and spoke with the manager in my behalf(Sam George). Mr. George said that I should come back down and talk with him. By this time my friend had come to pick me up. We rode back to the station asked for Mr. George was told he had left, but I was to see the assistant manager Ed Richardson. I explained to Mr. Richardson what had happened he assured me my car would be repaired and he would get me a rental car in the meantime. He told me to call a tow company to come and pick up the car. I called the dealer and they sent out a tow truck . Now this was a relatively new car a 1996 Dodge Neon and the dealer had always did any maintenance the car needed. The next day I phoned the repair shop and the informed me that the liquid that was pumped into my car had caused extensive damage to the cars engine and fuel tank. The mechanic showed me the liquid that was taken out of my car later that same day. He said this doesn’t even look like water we don’t know what it could be. They told me to repair the car it would cost me over 1,500 dollars. I then phoned Mr. Richardson and told him what the repair shop had said when I told him the amount he started to get anxious and told me that he didn’t know he would have to talk with the owner of the station Jaye Gorley. A few hours later Mr. Gorley called and spoke with me, he assured me that the car would be repaired and he got me a rental car. On or about November 13 I was contacted by the insurance company and told to return the rental car at once and that they would not be paying for the repairs on the car. That is when I decided I needed help in dealing with this company. I called the BP/Amoco Corp. Office in Atlanta I spoke with a Mr. Richard Smith. I told him everything he assured me that he would do his best in resolving this matter. Weeks passed I now had no transportation, I live in rural South Carolina I needed a car. Finally I contacted a lawyer who agreed to take my case. He wrote letters to both the insurance company as well as Mr. Richard Smith. Nothing worked they did however agreed to getting me a rental (Richard Smith’s office 800-883-5527) so finally I had transportation again this happend around the 1 week in December. On the 18 of December I was called for a job which I accepted. In Janurary I was once again told to bring the rental car back. Neither BP Corp. office nor the station in McConnell would pay the bill. So Ilose another rental and my job (this job was in a small town 21 miles away from my home). Shortly after the the insurance company sent me a check for 958.00 dollars. The repair company refused to accept this amount as the total bill including the rental was 3,622.06. I held on to the money for weeks finally the lawyer advised me to get on with my life and use the money to purchase another car. I bought a used car with this money as I obviously was not going to get my car back. In the meantime I still am paying a car payment on a car I don’t have. I did this up until March of 2000, I stopped paying all together, I couldn’t imagine ever getting the car back. Last month (April) I signed a paper saying I volunteerly turned the car back in. Chrysler has followed this story from the very beginning. Now they are threatening to sue me for the remainder of the note which is over 6,000 dollars. I felt I had no choice under the circumstances. The repair bill as I stated is 3,622.06 . What I feel would be a fair reimbursement is this amount and since I’ve lost the car and have been very inconvenienced an additional 15,000 dollars to clear up my credit and get a new car. I request that my story be featured on the front page of the Ripoff Scams.com web site.

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