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Brad Benson Mitsubishi Hyundai

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Published: 22 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On May 23rd we went to your dealership to buy a car. Danny Feldman greeted us and brought us into the showroom to ask questions regarding the purchase of a car. We then test drove a Tucson. Upon return he drove the demo roughly onto a dirt road with rocks. He told me to choose my any Tucson. We then went back to the showroom, to work the numbers. I did not want to go over $260 a month. He asked if $280 was alright with a 72 month loan. I agreed. I wish he would have mentioned that in finance we would be hit with the extended warranty for an additional $50 a month! We then could of discussed getting the payment back down to reality again. After signing papers the car was ready to go. Danny showed me the interior functions. Then we drove home. At home, my husband noticed a chip on the front hood. There was also was a small concave from whatever hit it. The paint was already bubbled with a vague color of rust directly underneath it. He called Danny immediately, and left a message. Danny did call us back promptly on Monday, Memorial Day. He asked if I could bring the car in Tuesday to take a look at it. On Tuesday, I brought the car to him after work. It was a rainy afternoon so you couldn’t really see the concave of the chip. Jason Ostrowsky, came out to look at it. He said arrogantly ok, I’ll get some touch up paint. I said touch up paint won’t work because it’s bubbled and rusted with a small concave. I said you can’t see the dent without the sun. The next day I returned back and Danny and Jason to acknowledged seeing it. Jason said the funny thing is . . . when the car was detailed, my staff would have mentioned this! I corrected him saying that his detailing department did a very poor job getting my car ready for delivery, the inside was filthy never mind them seeing the chip! I asked him to view the rusting underneath the chip. It was apparent that it was not a newly chip in the paint, and demanded my hood be repainted. He said it would have to wait until Friday, when his body guy would be there. Quick note: If the salesmen didn’t drive so crazy near the new cars maybe there won’t be any issue here. Friday, May 29th I called Jason in the afternoon. He said his person was at an auto buying show and he was not sure when he would be back. I gave him my cell number to call me. Around 3:00 pm I called again, and this person still did not return. He did assure me that he had my number and would call. Monday, June 1st I received a call 10:00 am in the morning at my office from Jason. He asked if I could bring the car up and to show his boss. I said I will be there at 12:30 pm. I met Marcello Sciarrino, Sales Manager. He looked at the chip and said I would first like to try using touch up paint on it. If you don’t like it, we will paint the whole hood. I said, that’s fair. They took the car into the body shop. Danny came to get me, telling me That I was going to be surprised what they did for me. He said we gave you a Limited Edition! I could not believe my eyes. They put a silver Limited Edition sticker on the top of my hood to cover the chip! He asked me if I liked it! I said no, and get it off! I went back inside and spoke to Marcello. He told me the touch up did not look good, and they would need to paint the hood over. I waited until 2:00 pm on Tuesday and called Danny. I left a voice mail to return my call with the appointment. He returned my call disguising himself as the IRS. Not funny, at this juncture. He said to bring the car in on Monday morning and ask for Marcello. Monday, June 8th I brought my car in at 8:15 am. Went to the service desk to find out there was no paperwork on my car! I had to wait until nine for Marcello to come in. I went looking for Danny or Jason. Neither one were there yet. After ten minutes, I saw Jason coming. I told him there was no paperwork on my car. He said one minute and went inside. I waited ten minutes and I went inside to find him at a meeting. He told me to give him ten minutes. I was extremely mad, as I needed to be in work by 8:30. Finally, Stacey from the service set me up with a loaner. I finally arrived at work at 9:30 am. On Wednesday, June 10th Stacey called me around 1:00 pm to say my car was done. I left work a earlier than usual to put gas in the loaner and pick up my car. I went directly to the cashiers window, and picked up my keys. Danny Feldman was coming to greet me in the parking lot. He asked how I liked the paint job. I replied it looked good, but it’s a shame I had to go through so much stress in the past three weeks. He said, don’t be stressed, enjoy. I asked him to put himself in my position as I began to summarize these past weeks. He explained how they look at it from their side, about the detailing people not seeing, etc. I stopped him, and reminded him it was Memorial Day weekend and the detailers were busy. They didn’t even clean the inside of the car where the windows were pretty streaked or wiping down the dashboard filled with dirt and dust. It was obviously they were in a rush and couldn’t see it! I said if Jason would have taken the time to really looked at the chip without instantly assuming I did it on the drive home, he would have seen the embedded rust under the chip. Rust doesn’t happen that fast. I did not appreciate Jason’s attitude on how he handled this. Nor did I appreciate Danny showing me the sticker on my front end to hide the chip! The bottom line is, I am happy with my vehicle, however, they took the enjoyment out of owning my new car for those first few weeks. Hopefully this issue will be addressed with the appropriate people involved so that no other consumer will have to go through what I experienced. This is not the proper way of going about being the number one dealership in NJ per your commercials. However, I do deserve an apology from Danny and especially from Jason. Jackie Spotswood, New JerseyU.S.A.

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