Braden Fellman

Braden Fellman

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Published: 04 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In june of 2013, I leased out my private home for 6 months to help pay off a tax bill. I had a mortgage on my home and I owned a townhome that I had planned to live in during this 6 month period. Unfortunately my tenant that occupied my townhome would not pack and move, as her lease was over at this time, and I ended up with tenants in my 2 properties and no place for myself to live. Time was running out. I searched and found on craigslists an ad for Collier Flats apartments owned by Braden Fellman. The ad on craigslists said they had apts for $725 monthly with 6 or 12 month lease option. I went and viewed the available units and was told that there was not any apts for $725. I stated the info on their craigslists ad and the leasing agents acute amnesia was cured. I filled out the rental application and payed the fee. The next day I get a call from Braden Fellman credit department and was told that I could qualify for a 6 month lease, if I would provide a copy of the 6 month lease on my house. My house had a monthly mortgage and I wouldnt be able to cover it and $725 monthly apt rent. So I faxed the house lease to Braden Fellman and later that day I became a bonafide apartment renter at Collier Flats in Atlanta, Georgia. Well lah-ti-dah, in the Buckhead community! I had to go home and start packing cause I had a tenant moving in the coming weekend and I was moving on up to the big time big city big money big problem Braden Fellman apartment complex. Okay get this. Sister girl called from the leasing office and said I could move in the next saturday. Perfect! cause that was the day I had to be gone by noon time from my house. Cher is singing in the background, half naked “If I could turn back time”, and I should have drove the Uhaul into a ditch , stripped down to a thong and sang along with Cher that day. Hold on it gets worse and worser, yessur. Arrived at my new apt, sweating on a hot summer day, and sister girl has my new lease typed up and an inkpen ready and waiting. We talking and shuffling pages, and signing ,and shulffling, and talking, and signing and wait! holdup! Did i just sign a 12 month lease and was supposed to be getting a 6 month lease that had been credit approved, qualified by my house lease I had faxed to Miss Thing in the credit dept over at the Braden Fellman world headquarters? Well sister girl said dont worry I will “fix” it. Is the word fix the most used word in the south? Everytime I am fixin to have a little cash , something breaks and I have to get it fixed. Well my first day in the big city and I am in a fix already. Here is why, said the spider to the fly…sister girl had only been a leasing agent for 4 months, and as I proceeded to carry all my belongings up the steep wrought iron stairway to heaven, to that upstairs apt in the sky, sister girl calls MIss Thing and they discuss lease typos and hair, boyfriends , shopping , vacations and dumb country folk that come to the cuty and sign anything and must be held accountable for what they sign even if the credit approval dept would have never approved them to have it. hmmm. Ok time to stop circling the airport and land it. The next 6 months I payed my rent. I also had everything in the kitchen grow a coating of mold on it. Kept the apt clean as new, scrubbed the tile grout and moved out with it whiter than before.Sister girl said bye bye, and dont worry you wont have to pay for breaking a 12 month lease . I got tenants to move in and cover the remaining 6 months and you will be getting your $250 deposit back. Well, I bet Miss Thing took sister girl around back and slapped her hand and said NO NO NO. I have been getting calls and bills from collections for 2 years now wanting $940 from me. All because she made a typo? I did sign the lease but instantly realized it. She said it was or would be corrected. I find the truth out after the fact. Not fair is it? I treat my townhome tenants fair and follow Suze”s advice ” people first,then money,then things”…but in the rental business at Braden Fellman its money, things, people. So now for the first time in 53 years I have a bad debt on my credit report bringing down the score.The money I gained by all this moving back and forth to pay taxes will be lost due to a simple mistake by an inexperienced rental agent. I

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