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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Sicne the beginning of 2015 I have had nothing but problems with this company. It started in January on 2015. I took my car to this company because I had steam coming up off my motor. Right in front of the drivers. I first took my car to a G.M. company explained what was going on and gave them permission to do a diagnostics test. Explaining that the steam was coming up off the motor in front of the car. they came back to me with I needed a water pump and a timing chain and it would be close to 1900 dollars to repair. Frist and most importantly the water pump and timing chain are on the other side of the vehicle. So i contacted a couple other company’s Brakes Plus was one of them. There were 2 others but no reason to bring them in since they did not touch my car. Now after G.M. told me that this was what they found i shook my head thinking it’s not even on the same side of the motor. So i called Brakes Plus told them what G.M. said and they told me to bring it in and let them do a diagnostics. If they found the same problem they would threw the cost of the diagnostics into the cost of the repair. Refreshing an honest company i thought. Do i took them the car and let them do a diagnostics on January 5th of 2015. They called me later that day to tell me that it was the water pump and timing chain. I thought could I be wrong. I am not a mechanic But I have been driving tow truck off and on for the last 25 years so i know a little about cars. Well thinking i was wrong i autherized the repairs to the tune of almost 1200 dollars. Now it Saturday January 10th and i get a call from Brakes Plus. The shop manager told me on the phone that the work on the timing chain and water pump was completed. but know there is another problem. well I asked we cant get the cooling system to presure up. We did a presure test on your car and found that the thermostst housing is busted. I told him then that was the problem if the first place. Because the thermostat housing is right in front of the drivers seat. Where I explained to them the problem was in the first place. So basically they rip me off for 1200 dollars becaise if they would have done a proper diagnostics they would have found this was the problem in the beginning. So I had just paid 1450 give or take 10 dollars for a 300 dollar job. heed my warning do not use these people. Now fast forward 6 weeks roughly. My car starts to run real bad. So I took it back to the same place that did my repairs. First thing out of thier mouths we will have to charge you for a diagnostics. I ended up having to rent a car for the day while they did this diagnostics. I get a call that evering from the store manager telling me i had to return the car. Wow this guy has balls i am thinking. So I asked why.. Well one of the parts we put in your car broke and your motor is no longer any good. I about fell out of my rental so i race from the south side of town to the north to try and talk to them but they had closed. So now no sleep trying to figure out what i was going to do. When i woke the next morning i call Brakes Plus spoke to the Manager and said what is going on. He told me to return the rental and come to the shop so he could talk to me. Well I returned the rental and got back to Brakes plus and the Manager told me that a part that was put into my car had broken causing it to totally distroy my engine. He said dont worry we will work it out and get you a new motor. (This was of thier choosing not mine. They pulled a motor from a junk yard i guess because it says on my paperwork it had 95,000 miles on it.) So at this point Brakes Plus had my car twice. 1st time for a week to do a 2 day job and for a month to do a 7 day job. After they got me my car back a month later on a 7 to 10 day job they told me that they would cover the oil changes for the next year. This is now early to mid April and when i went into Brakes Plus for the first oil change. The tech came out to talk to me. Had me worried. So the tech daid to me you have 2 problems needing attention. My mouth dropped to the floor olay what. First your Brakes need attention (This i already knew) And i asked you need a water pump. I was about to explode. I have had enough but the manager tolked me into letting replace that. And in all this time i am thinking are they even changing this part out. So I let them change it out again also they did my brakes I figured they owed me that. a freebe or 2 being as they have Replaced 3 water prmps 2 Timing Chains and 2 Thermostats. So it took three day to do this again. I had to rent a car again. and when i got back to get my car of course the manager was not thier to talk to he took the day off because he knew i would be angery. He Charged me for the brake job tried to charged me for parts i brought to him wanted me to pay for the rental which they caved in and i had to pay for half of that reantal… So I have told you my Horror story with Brakes Plus I pleed with you not to use them if this is the way they treat thier costumers.. You could be thier next well ME. And I dont want that to happen to you. Brakes Plus is a company that spans the nation i believe. This kind of treatment and shotty workmens ship should not be tolerated. I cant tell anyone what to do and I would never. But use your better judgement. You can look at thier own web sites and other patrens that have written things about them. if you have had a issue with this company i can only say thier are other orginization that you can write to stop this kind of theft and fraud.

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