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Published: 15 September 2019

Posted by: Valerie

Add our names to the ever growing members of the general public that have found their encounters with Worldwide Travel Center leaving a bad taste in ones mouth. Hear now our tale of woe. We foolishly went to a time-share presentation, mainly because of the 2 day/3 night offer. This was 6/20. On 7/1 we called to activate the offer, many questions were asked, and we were asked for our selections. As we had none at that time we were told we had one year to do so. 9/1 we decided to head to Florida in late October. So on 9/2 we called to make reservations for 10/24 – 10/26, we gave three locations, and we given our third choice, Daytona, when asked we would get our confirmation, we told 7 to 10 Business Days. At this point no problems. On 9/16, we called to ask where the confirmation was, we were now informed that no word had come from the resort, so we were to wait until the end of the next week, and if we did not hear anything that we were to call back. On 9/26 the new company line was it was being passed to a supervisor, and we would hear soon. We were becoming somewhat concerned, as this was leaving a 3 day hole in our trip. 10/3 we called and informed lady on the phone that this was getting critical, if they could not get something soon we were going to have to make alternate arrangement, once again we were told ‘Supervisor is handling it’. 10/9, no reservation, we now called and told Elizibeth, lady on the phone, to forget it, we could wait no longer, we were then passed to Supervisor ‘Joey’, who quite calmly stated that we could not cancel the reservation as it was beyond 30 days, when asked how one can cancel something that did not exist, he got somewhat belligerent and terminated our conversation. Now surprise, surprise on the very next day we get a confirmation email, for a stay in Daytona, and ‘wait for it’, with a Required Tour of the Property. Detailed reading of original agreement found not one reference to a Tour, and at no time in any conversation was a Tour mentioned, that would have been a deal breaker from the get go. And noted on email confirmation, that has now arrived 14 days before our arrival date, we must cancel 30 days in advance (Impossible) or location may charge credit card for full rate. We have to date filed complaints with FTC, Indiana AG, and Florida AG. Worldwide Travel Center is a pure con, they stall until they think you have no choice but to do as they say. But a contract that cannot be fulfilled is not a legally binding contract, for a 30 Day Cancellation policy to be enforced, confirmation must be given at least 45 days in advance, unless reservation was made less that 30 days from date of stay. Any charges made to credit cards can be treated as fraud, and with copies of original agreement, and email confirmation sent to credit card companies, all charges will be reversed. To all that have dealt with this company, we urge you to file your own complaints with your state AG, the Florida AG, and the FTC. If not, the rip off will continue.

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