Brenda Marcial

Brenda Marcial

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Published: 21 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Brenda Marcial purposely and intentionally stalked, harassed, and defamed David Bychkov, CEO and Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company) litigiously documented over the past three (3) years. Brenda Marcial (Stockholder) exhibited intentional malicious and defamation actions several times historically documented on as primary sourcing. Branda Marical (Stockholder) is an audited and certified stockholder of the Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company), verified and signed a stock puchase agreement contract (SPA) between Stockholder and Company, guaranteed by authorizing of a bonified and authenticated personal signature held on Comoany archieve files, payment documented in US Dollars to Company, agreed under the penalty of perjury and fraud, that Brenda Marcial, Stockholder, was a qualified and sophisticated investor, agreed under perjury that Brenda Marcial was fully aware of all risks pertaining to stock and securities investment purcahses (SEC Compliant). Branda Marcial posted on the Internet many viscious personal and defaming attacks against David Bychkov, CEO and Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company), willfuly launched electronic media attacks using the Internet to distribute personal and company mis-information, exhibited intentional fraudualent actions, posted disparaging defamation against said David Bychkov, CEO and Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company), posted hurtful actions, exhibited defaming language and proclaimed defaming statements concerning David Bychkov, CEO and Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company), said suppliers, employees and consultants herewithin. Brenda Marcial (Stockholder) purposely marketed herself zealous to David Bychkov, CEO and Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company) attempting gainful employment of herself (Stockholder) in the capicity of consultant or full time employee, inclusive of a health and company benefits configuration. Brenda Marical was declined employment in any capacity by David Buchkov, CEO and Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company). Brenda Marical (Stockholder) purposely marketed herself as the daughter of Gene Marcial, financial author and stock analyst, offering Gene Marcial’s stock review services and authoring articles in national and internationally syndicated magazines and newspapers articles by reviewing Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company) exhibiting and qualifying Brenda Marcial (Stockholder) as Gene Marcial’s daughter, influencing Gene Marcial, author and stock analyst to reiew Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company). Brenda Marcial (Stockholder) intentionally purchased additional Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company) stock securities gifted purposely as a holiday “Present” for Gene Marcial, financial author and stock analyst. Brenda Marcial (Stockholder), Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (Company) stockholder, distinctively proclaimed to David Bychkov, CEO and Exmovere Holdings, Inc, (Company) that Gene Marcial, financial author stock analyst is STRICTLY PROHIBITED by Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Rules and Regulations, including Journalism ethics, prohibiting the acquiring or owning by themself or by any third party, any stock securities ownership of any public traded companies by an active financial author and stock securities analyst, purposely and wiillfuly provisioning reviews, stock advisory securities positions, hereby supplying unbiased research reports and findings and professional opinions of applied companies to the general public.

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