brighthouse networks internet provider

brighthouse networks internet provider

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Published: 18 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

At the end of 2005 Brighthouse networks dug a trench 3ft deep and all the way across my front yard, they started on the west side of my driveway, dug under the driveway an dug under the driveway on the east side also, and this was done when i was at work, but when i got home about 7:00pm on thurseday night my front yard was all distroyed along with my sprinkler system, shooting water every where to the point my water bill increased, the next day i called brighthouse and they told me that they didn’t do this, it must have been the electric company but i called lake county property records and asked if anyone filed paper work for a contract to dig a trench 16ft off the easement and they told me no contract has been filed, and Brighthouse never called my house or cell and they had the e-mail address included also, now i the owner covered up the ditch they dug and brighthouse refused to even come over to take just one look refusing there not the ones who did this to my property, the next thing i needed was to pay for all the parts to repair the sprinkler system and this took about 2 weeks because the sprinkler heads were, 44.18 each, and the pipes an fitings were about 12.00 dollars for each head, after covering everthing up i then mowed the lawn on the east front side of the house and i ran over cable that was not put in the ground and the cable wraped around my new lawn mower around the bladdes and distroyed the motor in the lawn mower, so i then go down and buy another one 3600.00 dollars and there is cable just thrown on the ground down the driveway going south down the driveway on the west side next to the 3 doors for the garage and the cable was not conected just cut up and thrown on the groung in the grass about 12 ft and when the mower picked it with the blades, it was wipping cable back an forth to the point where i jumped off the mower and the mower engine blew up and cought on fire, so i then got a used mower for 500.00 dollars and i still ues this now, there’s cable on the west side front thats never been put under ground that i never seen becaused of the leaves from the tree, and it was almost dark and it started to rain an i was in the driveway at my next door neighbor’s house, i started to walk fast over to my mailbox and my friend next door was wathcing me move very quick and my riight foot locked under the internet cable and i went down face first and smacked my forehead on the concreat driveway, i went down very fast, but stopped myself with both hands but i couldn’t stop my head from hitting the driveway, the next day my friend seem me and asked me if i was ok and i told him yes, but his reply was , i looked like someone hit me across the forehead with a baseball bat but when a guy came out to my house, i showed him all the cable that was left there and i took him upstairs and showed him all the damage but he didn’t fix anything because i told him that cable belongs to me and his compamy Brighthouse needs to talk to me, owner of this house, because there going to pay for all they did, plus i am Cherokee and my property is Indian land , Granted by the Cherokee Nation, and they were trespassing because there are signs on the east and west side of my house, one other topic, everyone i have talked to in Lake County has had so many problems with brighthouse and this topic is very large because they have a Monopoly in about 18 county’s that they think that they can do what ever they want to and it’s time for the Citizens to take a stand against a dis-honest company, and now i don’t have Brighthouse—-My House is Now Brighter Then it Has Ever Been–if an Attorney wants to contact me that will protect my civil rights because this has been going on now for 9 years and still nothing done.

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