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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: ascap is a phony scam “Music” website! The scammer that “Owns” this so-called “Music Site” is Roy Elkins. This loser is a cheap scammer that runs his “business” out of his cheap little apartment in Madison, Wisconsin. Here”s what the scam at entails: The “CEO” (Brother, what a joke, it should be CS for Chief Scammer) Roy Elkins makes big claims that he can get your music in front of “Big Music Producers.” That, is a bold face lie! What this loser really does is work off a sheet that he bought for a few bucks, and one that anyone else can buy, if they care to waste the money, (including many other scammers like that “Lists” all the “Big Music Producers” that are “Searching” for music by folks that have not been published! This scammer Roy Elkins tells musicians that he can in fact get their music “Heard” by these so-called “Big Producers.” What a crock! And, he gouges these people for hundreds of dollars! He robs people of their money, their hopes, and their dreams! These music producers are not interested in musicians that are not known! Nonetheless, Roy Elkins tells these trusting people that “He”s different. He can get their music in major motion pictures, commercials, television programs, and a big list of other lies. Roy Elkins also runs other scams that involve “Contests” and other major scams to sucker hopeful musicians into his den of thieves! Recently, this swindler Roy Elkins hooked-up with ASCAP, (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) to peddle his lies to the members, which account for over 300, 000 people. ASCAP has a “Community” website, (Actually a Social Networking Site) where musicians and others can upload most anything. HOWEVER, now that this bum Roy Elkins has teamed-up with Mark Palermo, of ASCAP, the “Moderator, ” members are forced to “Join” just to rate other people”s music! Of course, Mark Palermo of ASCAP lies and tells members by message board posts that is “Legit.” Yep, I guess it”s easy to say it”s “Legit” when Palermo is getting a money kick-back from this scam artist Roy Elkins! ASCAP should be sued for false advertising! ASCAP should have to pay each person that is forced to join a fee for allowing such a scam to be on their site! However, that”s not going to happen because ASCAP will just deny that is a scam! Also, Mark Palermo, the “Moderator” on ASCAP”s “Social Networking” site is a lawyer, and we all know how “Honest, and trustworthy lawyers are.” For all ASCAP members that are reading this scam report: You need to band together and force the big-wigs at ASCAP to get rid of and Mark Palermo for allowing this dirty scam to be part of the “Social Networking Site!” Also, keep reporting ASCAP and to the Better Business Bureau! Post messages in every place you can think of about the scam that is pulling.

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