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Published: 14 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Never, Never, Never buy a car from Broome Auto Sales!! I have unfortunately had the displeasure of purchasing a car from Broome Auto Sales and I am regretting every minute of it. Tony (the owner) is a lying jerk who will tell you anything you want to hear to sell a car. When I went in there I told him that I wanted to go elsewhere but my family told me to see him first because he was a friend…I say was because after screwing me over so badly he is no longer a friend of the family. This shows that he values money over friendship. First off, when we had the flood in 06 he was told along with other car dealers in Endwell to move their cars because the water was coming, all the other car dealers moved their cars but Tony…now what do you think he did with those cars after the waters went down? He fixed them up to look good enough to sell and then sold them!! That is only one out of many creepy things this jerk has done. Because he was a “friend” he was going to sell me a car that I could put a good down payment on and then make payments for a year on the rest of the price with the agreement that if ANYTHING went wrong with the car during that year he would fix it, I’m guessing my family put that clause in the agreement because they knew he was a creep. Well first it took an extra week to get the car because Tony never made it down to the DMV to register it, then when I picked up the car we had to wait an hour while Tony was on the phone with my insurance company because he never added the car to my insurance like he said he was going to do, then when I finally did get to drive it off the lot there was so little gas in it that I almost didn’t make it to the gas station! Now right there I should have changed my mind and said forget it I can tell there were going to be problems but I listened to my family because he was a “friend”. Well within the first week both shocks broke…so back to Tony I go…my car sat there for a week without moving, Tony would not answer my phone calls so finally I went down to the shop and of course he was not there, I spoke to another guy that worked there and was informed that the car has not been fixed yet…as you can expect I was pretty mad, after waiting a week and a half my car was finally ready to be picked up. So about two weeks later the radiator went, I called Tony…now this time he gave me a harder time when I told him he had to fix it…he wanted to change our agreement to him only paying half of the repair costs instead of the whole thing…after fighting for about an hour he finally agreed to fix the radiator…after four days I got my car back again. Now while he was fixing the radiator I mentioned to him that the breaks felt weird but he blew it off to me just not being used to a different car..which I thought was crap but he said he would “look” at it. I had the car for almost a month and luckily I was not driving the car when the BREAKLINE BROKE!! Now I am a mother of two small children and god forbid if the break line would have broke when I was driving with them in the car but luckily my husband had taken it to work that day. I called Tony that day and he had the balls to tell me that break lines break all the time and all I have to do is pinch the break line and I can drive it somewhere to get fixed. Somewhere to get fixed…I mentioned to Tony about our agreement and he said “now listen I can’t fix every little thing that goes wrong with your car”. Really? So he basically refused to even help me out and I ended up paying a tow truck to take it somewhere else to fix it and pay for it to be fixed which ended up being about $216. While the car was there I had them look over the rest of the car for other things that are wrong and they said that everything else that is under the car will eventually have to be replaced because it is rusting out and the car looks like it was in a flood!!!! That is when I finally had enough of Tony and Broome Auto Sales. I called Tony to get him to take back the car and informed him what my mechanic had said…he stated that it was a good car and he would not take it back. Long story short Tony is not a man of his word and does not stand behind any of his cars. Jcgirl08 Johnson City, New YorkU.S.A.

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