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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This dates back to September 2004, and we saved all the info because we thought we might find a way to broadcast it someday, because the experience was so infuriating. Just found this Ripoff Scams website. I am shocked and appalled that this pathetic excuse of a company is still in existence, as I just learned from a quick internet search. Individuals of this foul nature should not be breathing the air on this planet. Here is my husband’s and son’s story as written up for the Greater Kansas City Better Business Bureau, from whom we had learned that this company had had seven complaints in the three years previous to our filing of this complaint. Consumer’s Original Complaint : September 10, 2004 – We mailed a check for $287.00 with an order form to Brothers Automotive Products for seven items (copy of order attached). These were classic car items for restoring a car that my dad and I are working on together. September 23, 2004 – Brothers Automotive Products called stating that theyd received our order- they said to allow 10 days for the check to clear. (At this point, they must have had the order for at least a week, based on the date that it was mailed.) October 7, 2004 – The check was posted as a debit to our checking account on 10/7/2004 – two weeks after they called and 27 days after we mailed the order. Last ten days of October, 2004 – Since we expected the order to be shipped around October 3rd (10 days after Brothers called saying theyd received the order), and it was now almost the end of October, we started calling frequently (almost every day) to find out what was going on with the order. We called at least a half a dozen times during this time frame and were always told that the call would be returned, but it never was. October 25, 2004 – We talked with Steve Kenney at Brothers, who said that the order was on its way. November 3, 2004 – Called and talked with Steve again, who said the order had been messed up and hadnt been sent, but would be sent that day and that we would see it in 5-6 business days. November 11, 2004 – The order still hadnt arrived, so I called and requested a tracking number, which I did obtain from them. But when we went online to the UPS tracking site, we saw that the package had not been sent on November 3rd, as I was told it would be, but was sent that very day (November 11th). We were also puzzled about the shipping weight, since the order should have weighed much more than the weight posted on the UPS tracking web site. November 22, 2004 – We receive one item out of the seven items ordered by UPS delivery. Steve hadnt told us during our many phone calls that when they finally sent something, it was only one of the seven items ordered. This was the carpet underlayment ($39.00 plus $7.00 shipping if ordered alone). So I called and spoke with Carla, telling her that since we had only received one of the items, and since it been two and a half months since the order was mailed, we would like a refund for the other six items ($287.00 – $46.00 = $241.00). She said that she wasnt authorized to give the refund, but to call back after 2:30 p.m. CST and talk to Steve. I reached him at about 3 p.m. CST and he said he would call back in about 40 minutes. He never did. I was distrustful about him getting back to us because of our many unsuccessful attempts to get answers and resolutions during the past several weeks. I called again at 4 p.m. CST and Steve again said he would return the call in another 40 minutes and that he hadnt forgotten us. At 4:45 p.m. CST, I called again. Steve said he would call back in 10 to 15 minutes. I called again at 5 p.m. CST and no one answered the phone. November 23, 2004 (the next day) – I called and spoke with Carla about the unreturned calls of the previous day and told her that this was getting ridiculous and that we would like the refund expedited to our credit card. (My parents decided that since the company had been so unreliable, we shouldnt wait around for a refund check through the mail, but should request an immediate refund to our credit card.) She said that Steve has the authorization to do that, and that shell have him call me. I told her that the previous day he had three times said he would call but never did. She said, If he doesnt, I will. I called back an hour later to get a voice mail that said they were closed for the Thanksgiving holiday until Monday, November 29th (six days away). Things were getting out of control, and over the past two days we had begun to realize that these people were thieves. We had subtle suspicions before this, but were convincing ourselves that they would get this straight; we had been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt until now. November 29, 2004 – My mom is at home and tells me before I call, that whatever I do, I should stay on the line, tell them to put me on hold if necessary, but to tell them I will wait on the phone until they put the refund through to our credit card. She said that we will either check our credit card account online or on our other phone line to make sure the credit goes through before I hang up the phone. She tells me to advise them that we want the refund now so that we wont have to take further action. I reach Steve by phone at about 4 p.m. and tell him that we want a refund expedited to my credit card. He says that he will call back in about 40 minutes. I tell him that since he has told me multiple times that he would call back and never did, I will stay on the phone and wait on hold for my refund. He replies angrily that hes really busy; I tell him I will wait on hold and hope we wont have to take further action. He laughs sarcastically and tells me to have your lawyer call me and hangs up on me. Now there is no question that we are dealing with thieves. My mom has heard the exchange and is hot and calls my dad at work. We are both on the phone with my dad and tell him what has just transpired; he says to get Brothers back on the phone on a conference call. We have Steve on the phone and my dad asks him what the deal is with this unethical manner of doing business. He laughs sarcastically and hangs up again. My dad says to call them back. Carla answers and my dad asks for Steve; she says hes not there. My dad is livid and tells her that he was talking to Steve not 30 seconds before. My dad asks her how they can sleep at night. She hangs up on us. My mom calls a couple hours later and speaks to someone named Mike, telling him that we have attempted multiple times to have our refund processed and could they please take care of this now. He said that we would have to talk to Steve in the morning. She tells him that we have already attempted this with Steve and can not wait until the morning. He says that this must be handled with Steve and hangs up the phone. She calls back and says that she wasnt finished and asks why he hung up? He tells her to stop calling and that hes busy with customers. She tells him that WE ARE CUSTOMERS and have been waiting nearly 3 months to receive our order so would now like our refund. He again tells her to stop calling and she says that we will continue calling until they get this straight. He starts to get very rude in his tone and asks her how she would like to have Steve call at 3 in the morning. She tells him that that would be fine. ************************************************** At this point my parents and I realized that we had to take further action and found your website. Consumer’s Desired Resolution: We would like the balance of $241.00 on the undelivered items refunded to us ASAP. BBB Processing 12/17/2004 web BBB Complaint Received by BBB 12/17/2004 KEB BBB Complaint Validated by BBB Operator 12/17/2004 Otto EMAIL Send acknowledgement to Consumer – OTTO 12/17/2004 Otto MAIL Inform Business of the Complaint 01/14/2005 DJS BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : Company writes: Customer Previously requested & was sent a full refund. 01/14/2005 DJS EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer 01/27/2005 WEB BBB RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) “Although it is true that Brothers Automotive finally did issue a refund for this order, we think it’s important that you know that it was only done under threat of legal action. This company is not to be trusted. It’s arrogant disregard for customer service (or lack of it) is beyond anything we’ve ever seen. When we first contacted you to get more information on how to proceed with filing a BBB complaint, the person I spoke with read to me a long narrative from another consumer who had endured circumstances almost identical to ours with this same company. Fox TV-4 in Greater Kansas City directed us to the Johnson County District Attorney’s office (as well as to the State of Kansas Attorney General’s office), who also proceeded to tell us that there had been at least seven complaints against this company in recent months. We also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and were prepared to take this to small claims court if necessary. Under threat of investigation from the Johnson County D.A.’s office, Brothers’ Automotive finally issued our refund only at the last minute- the D.A.’s office gave the company until Jan. 13th to respond or face an investigation- we received a check on Jan. 14th which was postmarked on the 11th. The District Attorney’s office first contacted the company on Dec. 20th. There was no apology whatsoever included with the check, as any reputable company with a conscience would have given. But this follows that pattern of customer abuse that we had experienced with these people. Our refund came fully four months after we first mailed this order, and if it hadn’t been for the Johnson County D.A.’s office, we are convinced that we would still not have it today. For the sake of protecting consumers in the future, we firmly believe that this company, as a habitual offender, should lose its business license, and we would be happy to cooperate as witnesses with any further official investigation into Brothers Automotive Products. Our home address will be changing, so if you need to contact us by mail, you can use this address temporarily: XXXXXXXXXXX. The e-mail address will remain the same.”

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