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Published: 30 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

April 5, 2000 I had my car towed to B&B (Brown and Brown Nissan) to install a transmission and evaluate ongoing engine problems with my remanufactured engine. (That is how this all began separate story) B&B’s lead 300ZX technician confirmed problems with the engine immediately. He informed the service advisor Craig Kineart to call ATK and coordinate a warranty claim to replace the engine. I was told it would take about 10 days to get the engine replaced and the new one installed. Two weeks later I called to find out when my Z would be ready. I was told they hadn’t even called ATK yet. Craig said he was so busy he never had a chance to call. He promised to call ATK the next day. Week after week it was one excuse after the other. July 2000 I called ATK to see what the delay was. They didn’t know anything about it because Nissan never called to start the process. So they opened a claim and gave me the information for Nissan. All that Nissan had to do was perform a couple of tests and report back to ATK. September 2000, I called so often that every one knew my voice. I went to Nissan and found out they still had not done anything! I stopped the service manager Bob Garackuas to ask if he could find out why his people were putting me on the back burner. He was shocked that my car was still there. He assured me that my would be given the highest priority. October 2000, I called ATK to find out if they had any information on the status of the claim. Nissan had the car so long that the warranty was now over. ATK saw that the delay was because of B&B, so they were kind enough extend the warranty. November 2000 My health was deteriorating due to the stress of B&B not doing their job as promised, no car and loss of income. I would call and fax every day asking about he car. I asked if they would like me to contact ATK. They said no, it was taken care of and that ATK wanted some unreasonable tests done to confirm the faulty engine. And they would do the tests after they cleared out some other cars. I firmly reminded them my car been there now for over 4 months and my car should be first. I went in and spoke with the Service Manager again, who promised my car would be taken care of immediately. December 2000 I faxed Nissan and reminded them this was my only means of transportation and I was sick it was the holidays and needed my car. They never replied. December 27, 2000 Twice I called and get put on hold and then dropped. I sent a fax saying I be there in the morning. December 28, 2000 I get there and the car is already out front, running and ready to go. I saw Craig and flagged him down. I asked about the warranty for the new engine. He looked down and said, Well, Chuck is out of town, and I could not find a problem with the car. I had to take a deep breath to compose myself. I said, So nothing was done other than the transmission? His reply, we replaced a seal. Chuck will be back in a about a week. Drive the car around and see if you still have problems with it. My car was there so long so that everything would be done at once. January 10, 2001 Took car back to Nissan Craig said they would only have the car 2-3 days. After 5 days I called Craig who said the tests had not been done yet. Give him another day or two. I hesitantly agreed. 3 more weeks went by and they still didn’t do anything. Meanwhile my transportation is the city bus, bike and roller-blades. January 26, 2001 E-mail to We Care at Nissan: I brought my Z in January 10th for work that was to be done the 12th. I have left messages to find out what is going on. No one has returned my calls. This is my only vehicle. January 29, 2001 ATK still had not heard from Nissan. Called Nissan, Craig said he was getting Chuck on the test that day. February 2, 2001 When I arrived at B&B Craig said they did the tests that morning. It reacted to the cylinder tests. They would call ATK and make arrangements to get the engine replaced. One week later, they still hadn’t called ATK. So I called Don Roy. He phoned Craig, and 5 minutes later called me back and said there is enough evidence to replace your engine. February 8, 2001 ATK promised to check out the engine and have another one on its way within 48 hours after receiving it. (if it was due to defect on their part) February 9, 2001 B&B promised they would remove the old engine and have it ready for ATK s FedEx pick-up within 24 hours of getting the car. They also promised to install the new engine as soon as they received it and would work with ATK on the labor. February 13, 2001 I took the car to Nissan. Craig said they would start on it by that evening. Faxed ATK let them know the Z was at Nissan. February 16, 2001 I went to Nissan to make sure they had sent the engine to ATK. Craig disappeared when he saw me. I stayed there an hour but was not able to get a straight answer about the engine. February 21, 2001 Sent a fax to Don at ATK to see if they had received the engine. Copied Nissan on the Fax February 27, 2001 Sent a Fax to Nissan telling them they’ve had my car for 2 weeks already. March 2, 2001 Phoned ATK, spoke with Jennifer. She was VERY upset with B&B. ATK had sent Fed-X out 4 different times to pick up the engine. Each time it was not ready to go. ATK engines is willing to state on record that Brown and Brown Nissan was irresponsible and deceptive in their dealings not only with me, but with them. Craig called and left a message that the engine was picked up that day. He made it seem like they have been waiting on ATK to have it picked up. (message saved) March 9, 2001 Talked to ATK. They are covering the engine under warranty and will be Fed-xing a new remanufactured engine to Nissan. March 16, 2001 Received notice from ATK, that Fed-X delivered the engine to Nissan on March 14, 2001. Looked up the tracking number #405826382139 and confirmed the delivery. March 19, 2001 Car should be nearly done since B&B promised they would be on top it! I left messages for Craig. He didn’t return my calls March 21, 2001 I called Craig and he said they had not started the car, because they had accidentally sent the valve covers back to ATK. And were waiting on ATK to ship them to Nissan. March 22, 2001 Craig called the car would be longer than expected. It needed some additional parts. And that ATK had not sent the Valve covers yet. List of parts they said need replacing: Alternator, Thermostat, Water Pump, A/C idler/bearing, Head temp sensor, Left and Right exhaust manifolds: Craig claimed they were cracked and warped March 23rd 2001 Went to pick up parts, was told by a service advisor that the head temperature sensor and harness, water pump and thermostat were sent back to ATK with the engine along with the valve covers so they would not be with the parts. That sounded fishy. Faxed to Don Roy at ATK inquiring if Nissan had requested my valve covers and the other parts Craig claimed were inadvertently sent to ATK with the engine. Reply. All we got was the engine. No other parts are here (ATK) Don Roy . March 24, 2001 Opened box of parts from Nissan. Strange, some of the parts they said they sent to ATK are in the box. Alternator was good, but had a bearing going out. Alternator replaced under warranty. Purchased a new alternator belt. March 29, 2001 Purchased: Water Pump, Thermostat, Head temp NAPA inspected the exhaust manifolds and concluded there was no evidence that they’d tested for cracks. April 2, 2001 J&B repair checked out the Exhaust manifolds. They agreed with NAPA. They were neither cracked nor badly warped. (warped less than a 64th of an inch, which they easily corrected by truing them) April 4, 2001 Droped off the exhaust manifolds and AC Pulley. 4-11th Spent hours/days trying to find the hardware for the exhaust manifolds. I was referred to CopperState Nut and Bolt who manufactures bolts. They don’t produce bolts for the automotive industry. Told me my best bet would be Nissan. April 13, 2001 Purchased Exhaust manifolds Gaskets at NAPA. April 17, 2001 Dropped off gaskets. Bolts were in so I get them $60.25 April 19 – 20, 2001 Sent 6 faxes sent inquiring about the status and when would the car be ready for pick-up No response at all. April 22, 2001 Craig called to tell me that 2 of the parts I brought were not correct 1 was purchased there. He also wanted to tell me that they forgot to let me know that I needed motor mounts. April 23, 2001 Picked up parts. B&B had the sensor but not the mounts. 23-26 I searched all Nissans and auto places in the state; no motor mounts to be found. Then ABC Nissan found them for me. April 26, 2001 Paid $170.00. ABC delivered the mounts April 28, 2001 Craig said they would not start the car until Monday. April 30, 2001 I called Nissan to make sure they had started the car but had to leave a message. No answer to my call or faxes. May 1 – 3 2001 Sent faxes saying is it ready yet? No response. May 4, 2001 My son called Craig, he said the car would be done that day. May 9, 2001 I get a call the car is done and it will be 1700.00+ for labor! They told me they would accept assignment for the labor from ATK. The agreement was: I provide them parts and they would not charge me labor. I never received an estimate, written, verbal or implied. Every aspect of my life has been detrimentally effected because of Brown and Brown’s deplorable behavior. The list below can only show monetary items. Nothing can change or compensate for the stress related heath problems I’ve developed or the inconvenience and frustration I have endured because of Brown and Brown. I feel they owe me $6828.21 just to recover money lost due to their actions. Below is a beakdown of the Total. $2,205.00 = Canceled work (car over due) = $70.00 X 31.5 hours $2,400.00 = Forfeit 12 wks @ $200.00 at Memory Etc. For on-call Dragon Naturally Speaking Instructiont $750.00 = Faxing, writing, phone calls = $25.00 X 30 hours $256.25 = Rental Cars to perform contract service workt $40.00 = Public Transportation $1120.00 = 3 weeks use of clients mini-van Barter. 16 hrs, 4 onsite computer service in Gold Canyon 76m per trip. $36.96 = 22 gallons gas to refill Mr. Whitsons Van $20.00 = Gas money to be picked up in Gold Canyon, AZt Car is completely Faded needs new paint job $2,800 Leather Seats faded and ruined $2,500 $12,128.21 Total Plus my time & aggravation for 1 year $5,000 (bargin) I want to take the Z to a shop of my choice and have the car thoroughly inspected. Should further repairs be needed due to shoddy workmanship, B&B will need to cover the expense. I do not know how much it will cost to have my car repainted or the have the special Taupe leather seats restored but Nissan needs to pay to have this done. Along with paying for a rental car while this work will be done. Debra Ramirez [email protected] Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Brown & Brown

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