Bruce Scher's Goodyear corporation and local store las vegas

Bruce Scher's Goodyear corporation and local store las vegas

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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Andrea Montoya-Jones 1616 olive palm circle Las vegas, NV 89128 702-341-5661 [email protected] Our people deserve to know the truth of hidden loop holes that reap havoc on victims with no clear answers to any for of help for injustice cover ups at good year tires……help…. I feel as a las Vegas native and having grown up well rounded in big business family lifestyles and in the customer service field I have a good feel at when a company should be exposed to the public eye for the truth. For the greater interest of the public and to gain full awareness of the horrific injustice that take place by employees all the way to their very corporations. Something took place at a company named “good year tire,” (involving everything from organized crime, grand theft auto, destruction of private property and theft of all personal property that was so unexpected and wrong in so many damaging ways) my sreams for help from all resources direct me right back to the horrible fact that these things that have happened to me and my family and personal belongings are never going to be acknowledge and justice prevailed. My desperation drives me to bear my last hope on the press to reveal these people and companies doing these things to the people in hopes to spare anyone else from the agony I have had to endure for days of neglect and helplessness. I have been trying to receive recognition from the corporations that are unmoved in their cold decision to ignore the facts that they harbor employees that are creating a way to commit devastating painful losses and criminal acts towards people with out facing accountabilities for real crimes. They are using their “good year tire shops” as their cover and place where it is all swept under the rug. My story is very important very real and important to all those in this city that may become a victim as I did… This is the very letter and story of my loss, that I reported to the corporations heads… 1 (702) 341-5661 [email protected] February 23, 2018 Andrea Montoya 1616 Olive Palm Circle Las Vegas, NV 89128 To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter of deep concern to you to address an extremely disturbing incident that took place involving one of your businesses and employees there of… This shop was specifically the u201cGoodyear Tireu201d located in Las Vegas, NV at 9555 west Tropicana ave. I was completely dismayed by what took place there to me and my family, and what the devastating resulting conclusion was to my vehicle, trust in your companies honesty, and extreme personal property damage and admitted theft. An employee, Arbra Smart, convinced me that it was a good idea to place my car in the possessionof the shop while he examines the engine and was to remove my costly sound system from the car, and return it to me when he had finished the promised job. The car was placed in his hands with that agreement 1/25/2018 at the goodyear tire. As the passing days went by i began to worry and question the status of my vehicle, and was continuously told by Arbra Smart and his step Daughter that it was still in the work process and that i would be notified when my equipment was ready to be picked up. I was also informed that the car was non-repairable by two almost three weeks later, and at that point and that they were to continue the removal of my sound system for me (return all my property and as previously agreed upon). This is not in the least what actually took place for me. Sure enough i was formally informed by Arbra Smart that my car was missing, that it was somehow now being claimed as an abandoned vehicle, and it was toed at my expense… When in fact it was not at all abandoned, as i was being wrongly informed he was still at work with it and would (by verbal agreement) inform me of my vehicles completion and return all my property belonging to the vehicle or removed from the vehicle to me as the rightful owner. I continued to question at this point to this man as to where and how my car was toed, if that was to be the case, and i was continuously told the profanity, u201cF*ck You. u201c continuously yelled to me that my car, if i was to locate it, was going to be found trashed with no trace of my $900 equipment and that there was nothing that i could to. I found out soon following these horrific commits and threats that Arbra Smart had in fact told several people these same words and was in fact planning to sell or use in his personal truck what he had taken wrongfully from me. I am a civil person, and i continued in desperation to try to make sense of the wrongful acts that were placed upon me, and tried to ask him once more where my car was taken to, explaining that my registered plates were on the car and were my responsibility legally and i had to know what happened to the license plates immediately to report it to local police as missing or stolen. He proceeded to tell me that quality towing towed my car, and I began to call the yard to try to seek answers i was so desperate to know at this junction… Only to find this was but another mistruth and it wasn’t located. I continued to receive this completely wrong and unprofessional treatment from the manager Bill Birk , located at the same shop, as i was alluded for nearly three hours on the phone with almost ten random towing yards my car was supposed to have been place at, and finally told me the truth after basically begging. That my property was in fact towed at his will to Nevada Pick a parts impound yard for lack of contact information. This is completely and utterly false wrongful towing of a vehicle for the reasons i was finally given, for Arbra Smart had perfectly current contact information for myself and my husband and in fact was in contact with us almost every other day sense he supposedly was working on my car for me. I nicely explained this fact to Bill Birk about my info being well known and that i was completely unaware of my car being labeled as abandoned and not in fact worked on by Arbra Smart, i was coldly told with no re-guard to my situation taking place at his establishment, that Arbra was not there the day of the cars removal therefor there was no contact information…. This is so wrong, and dumfounding to me, because as an honest diligent employee Bill the manager should have very easily made the effort to get my information as rightful owner of the vehicle and talked to the employee that told me this establishment was trustworthy and credible for him to work on the car as we discussed. This is by far the most horrible thing that i have ever experienced from any one care auto shop, and its cruel employees and the lies that were told to me with no care for me or my family, and I grew up in a police house hold and involved with the media concerning such crimes as this. I am well aware of what customer service is and what torturous lies are and deceit with intend to commit a criminal act. I had no choice to file a detailed police report with the metropolitan police department, re-guarding the nearly two weeks i was actively refused the location of my car, the sound system originally agreed to be removed and given back to me and the catastrophic condition my car was finally found in. My vehicle was found as i was so promised by Arbra Smart, with the condition unrecognizable, interior completely ripped to ruins and my costly sound equipment (as threatened) brutally ripped clean out of my now salvaged car…. I have included pictures of my vehicles condition when finally found at a local junking yard, so you may please look at the destruction that took place to a family vehicle, and in hopes that you may take the time to fully grasp the extent of the wrongful acts that took place to me, my husband and our two young boys, our beloved family car and my expensive stolen equipment…. I have hopes that you can arrange appropriate means of taking care of these two men that have abused the use of your facilities to destroy an innocent victims property and thieve with no re-guard to your customer quality of care. I have spent my whole life in big business and in the mediau2019s eye, and i know how something like this can break a business before you know it with such bad moral. I mentioned before authorities have been made fully aware of these actions, and I am fully prepared with legal representation to pursue this matter to the fullest extent of the law and proceed with court proceedings, if I must, to gain justice for such wrongful acts done towards me and my property if that is really the only way I receive any assistance in putting this to justice and these wrongful employees and acts in which they have permitted to rightful accountability for actions pursued. I don’t wish to take this to the press (as this is honestly a serious event that the public deserves to fully be aware of with your u201cgood year tireu201d shops), or proceed with this anything further than necessary if these things are properly handled, and myself as a customer can feel that I was honestly given back the faith and trust in this cooperation as I so much deserve after such a disturbing train of events i had to endure from these employees shocking behavior, organized theft, and proceeding actions there of. Please contact me asap as I am awaiting your response, in hope that your understanding in this matter and it may be resolved appropriately. Sincerely yours, Andrea Or Tom Cxxxx (Inside of car proven impounded this way, demolished beyond recognition, all my property missing as i was threatened) As stated in this desperate cry for help I was hoping to find an understanding from the top, yet the company and employees completely walked away scotch free from any charges and or punishment of any form for the complete distraction lies and unlawful theft of my property in my vehicle, and the treats and badgering that’s taken place by employee Arbra smart and others such as manger Bill…. Smart receptively told me in exact words that I would never find my car again and if so it will be destroyed with all worthwhile equipment “removed” and there was nothing I could do… And has continued to pelt me with profanity language and abusive threats. My letter to corporate was responded with the patronizing response that there was no found paperwork on my vehicle, they won’t help with anyform of losses from my vehicle even if employees were apart of it and that I supposedly deserved the wrongful toe to a junkyard and the lack of contact regarding the status of my car because I was said to have abandoned my car and had no battery or contact info for them to rightfully call the owner before they had right to move my car, these are all completely untrue lies stait from good years corporate offices. I never abandoned my car as I was told by Arbra Smart that my car was being fixed the entire time, as well as he possessed current contact info for me as I saw him nearly every other day and I posses proof of contact from him to my cellular phone during that time, and as I previously informed this cooperate office in my detailed honest and request of help to them, my car battery along with expensive stereo equipment was completely stolen from the car by admitted employee previously named my battery was not missing until they stripped my car down to a bare pile of pain and hopeless tears… I have talked to police with no real help in these catastrophic events that have happen at a local trusted shop, and the higher up in office appears to be clearly not at all interested in doing anything to the employee that has done this or in even really getting the facts strait about how things took place( as they tried to claim I had no battery, when I most certainly did before there employee removed it)… I really believe this company and story needs to be shared with the public and people that may fall victim next to such a horrific loss, I have never felt so completely at a loss with no way to receive justice for what the have done to me and any possible others whom trusted their cars to good year tire and or Arbra Smart… Please if anyone can help me be heard and my misfortune shown for the havoc it is and continues to be, as I am completely at a loss and alone in my desperation for the truth to prevail… Andrea Montoya

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