Bucceri Kennels and Debarb Shorthairs & Dog Training Flushing, MI

Bucceri Kennels and Debarb Shorthairs & Dog Training Flushing, MI

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Published: 06 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This guy is a joke! I bought my GSP from him, although my dog is a great dog and smart. I sent my puppy back to him for training to finish him up in bird dog hunting. Buck, basically insulted my training capabilities from the start. Saying that he was disapointed in the lack of control and training my dog recieved. He said my dog was obnoxious etc… I wanted to pick him up right away but Buck finally called me back reassuring me he can work with my dog and he was in good hands, that we could talk every few days on his progress. Well, that is not what happened at all! He would never return my calls. Randomly, he would respond to my text messages saying “that my dog was coming along nicely. He never would return my calls because he was so busy.” I should have gone with my instincts and picked him up right away because when I did finally get my dog, he was abused. He had a scar/wound around his neck about 1″ wide and 4″long. He never bothered to tell me my dog was injured until the day before I was picking up my dog. He came up with every excuse in the book as to why he has not been able to train him. The last straw was when I saw my dog’s neck. When I dropped off my dog, I actually witnessed him abusing another puppy and admitted to me that “he put a bark/shock collar on him and the dog was so stupid it ended up burning his neck all night from barking”. He said he “hated that dog because he was spoiled and barks all the time” and he literrally shut the puppy up in front of me while I was discussing my dog’s training. This puppy was a return from a girl about a month prior to me dropping off my dog. As he will take puppies back and try to find a new home. This girl returned her puppy because she ended up not moving to a home and couldn’t keep him in the apartment, per him. No puppy or dog deserves this. Since then, I have tried to get him to call me as he didn’t even meet me at the time I picked up my dog but rather his assistant met me which she didn’t have any details of his training or lack there of or details of the wound on his neck. Buck, tried to say it was from a collar I left on him “choked him bad…the metal wires in his neck and blood around the wound”. It is abuse whether it was neglect of leaving a collar on him or from him using a shcok collar. I am 99% sure it was from over use of a shock collar or bark collar due to the extent of the wound and the appearance of it. My collar could not have done that to him over a period of a night and he wore this collar all the time around me. Plus he has scrapes and cuts all over him which I now think may have been from another dog attacking him. This guy has had every excuse in the book as to why he has not had time to work with my dog because he is no more trained then when i dropped him off. Buck, told me my dog is now good with guns and getting use to the birds. I should know, as I have test score cards to prove he is not gun shy and tracking birds from before I dropped him off. Although, he may have nice pups, he definately does NOT have good business ethics nor customer service and basically just lies and steals your money while abusing your dogs if they annoy him. Keep looking for someone else to buy pups or train with!!! I don’t expect a dime back from him but I do want to shut him down… Buck I can’t wait to see how you respond to this because I am not your ex fiance making up lies, per you…from a previous post accusing the girl of lieing. Who ever it was I believe was telling the truth for the most part because it describes what I have witnessed. Go ahead and try to threaten to suit me…because I have evidence from text messages, emails, and vets now. I am already working behind the scenes on reporting you. You have messed with the wrong puppy owner.

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