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Budget - Ryder

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Published: 23 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

My poor Parents were packing up and moving after 27 years at their house, they were scared and nervous. Since my husband is a mover he offered to pack them up and move them. We went to Budget on the day of the move, saw two brand new shiny 24 foot trucks out front.My husband and friend who was helping were out front admiring the nice new trucks. The guy at the counter could see them looking at the new trucks. It took a while to get the paper work done because even though my father had reserved blankets, they didn’t have any (well they did but they gave ol’ dad a hard time. The second my father signed all the paper work (on the day of the move they had to be out the next day), he led them all around back to a nasty “yellow” truck. Needless to say everyone was shocked! They advertise these new trucks and pawn off these hell wagons on unsuspecting customers. The tires were slashed,the supposedly “senior mechanic”, assured the guys that he had checked the truck out and it was perfectly fine. They don’t give out the new trucks for long distance moves, only local, but this monstrosity would get them from the Bay Area to San Diego “no problemo”. Now does that make sense? Move farther get the less dependable, crummy old truck? So the guys, and my parents, left with no other choice take this thing, and proceed to pack it. Note: There was an ants nest in the passenger side door. It was filthy and looked like it hadn’t been washed in years. No one had bothered to sweep it out. Now, the next day, tired from the previous day packing, they( my husband and his friend, both professional movers) get up at 4:00 a.m. and begin a day/night from hell. They made it about a 3rd of the way on their trip when (in 100 degree heat), the truck just stopped in the middle of the GrapeVine (really isolated high country part of the 5 highway at the end of California’s central Valley). They managed to make it to the side of the road. There they waited well over an hour for the “help” help to come. “Help” came and said the “thermostat had exploded” and he had to go get a part. This whole prosess took over 3 hours to resolve. The help, said that as a professional, he wouldn’t have let that truck make a move like this and they should be very careful, and don’t drive over 45 MPH. Mind you they had another 5+ hours of driving ahead of them. Then, at 5:00 p.m. some guy in a car on the freeway just south of LAX was gesturing madly at them and pointing to the back of the truck. The drivier looks in the mirror, and see’s smoke coming out of the “tire”. They pull over as fast as they can (HELLO: RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC IN L.A.). My husband then grabs the “fire extinguisher”, runs to the back of the truck (on a L.A. freeway scary), and is just barely able to put out the fire, because the extinguisher only had about two quick little blasts left in it and was empty. He had to finish putting it out with his shirt. He calls me via cell phone to tell me what’s been going on, my poor parents are scared to death they will lose their son in law and all of their belongings. I call Budget and tell them what’s going on. They have sent someone out to help. I tell the guy (Jason), that this is the second breakdown, why don’t they just tow the guys to San Diego, the truck is not fit to be driven. He tells me this stuff happens all the time and he cannot authorize a tow. Try to keep this sorta short, after 7 hours sitting on the side of a very dangerous freeway with no food or water, the guys are fed up, they call budget again, and are told they will get towed to San Diego. Now after all this time, when they could have done that 7 hours ago. The tire/ brakes were unfixable, they knew it. They blew it! My husband got home at 4:30 A.M., 24 hours later! Things to note: 1) The original mechanic lied, besides the slashed tires, the repair sticker on the truck was 3 thousand miles overdue, he had not checked it out. 2) The fire extinguisher was not only virtually empty, but it was also not even labled or dated. 3) The brakes were bad, by the end, the guys were driving metal on metal. Hence the fire. 4) Budget/Ryders policy that new trucks not be taken on long distance moves is not true, we have talked to people who got new trucks for longer moves. The people at Mt View rental just wanted to get rid of a dud. 5) They lack any customer service. And are completely unprofessional, they only towed when my husband lost it on the cell phone and told them he was going to sue and more (20 hours into this ordeal). And when I called I asked them what exactly my husband and friend were supposed to do for 7 hours on the side of the freeway, and the only reply I got was “I dunno”. 6) Uh, slashed tired on the truck, big no no! 7) My husband and friend counted over 3 other of these “yellow” trucks being towed while sitting on the side of the freeway that day alone. I personally have seen 5 in the month since then. 8) The truck was filthy, it wasn’t even yellow anymore. 9) The first time my husband called about an hour into the trip, I could barely hear him, I asked him what the noise was, he said, ” This piece of sh*t truck, it wobbles and screeches and we don’t know if we’ll make it.” Such truer words were never spoken. 10) Last and very importent. The driver, my husbands friend has been a professional mover for 10 years. He drives big rig moving trucks everyday. He said that this was the worst day of work in his entire life ( and that’s saying alot). He also said that while he could handle the truck, what would have happened if a typical rental truck driver had been behind the wheel ( everday people). This could have meant death, not only to the truck occupants, but what if the inexpierienced driver had panicked on that freeway in L.A. and caused a pile up. I am sure I am leaving out a lot, but you get the point. NEVER RENT FROM RYDER/BUDGET…. They never even offered a discount. Jane 92117, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Budget Car & Truck Rental

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