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Published: 05 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The absolute worst service I have ever received. Ending with threats of filing criminal charges against me by the owner of the company. We were referred to BCI by Best Buy for installation of a Bosch microwave and oven. I was told by the salesman at Best Buy that he preferred BCI to other Bosch installaters as they could also modify the cabinet for the appliances. In addition, Best Buy represented that BCI provided an additional year’s warranty to the appliances if they did the install. In fact, their website states as follows: (we offer extended appliance warranties as a Certified Appliance Installer call for details). The details were provided by Best Buy on BCI’s behalf Jason Bagwell came out to take measurements of the cabinet and we discussed in length the pros and cons of lowering the microwave so it would be closer to the oven. In the end, Jason recommended that I lower the microwave and I confirmed upon his leaving that this would be included on my quote. The quote was sent and approved, based on my understanding that the quote included everything I had requested. It was not until they arrived to do the actual installation that I was informed that the quote, in fact, did not include the quote for the lowering of the microwave. There was nothing in writing from Jason or his partner, Janet Bagwell, that they arbitrarily decided on their own to modify my installation request and not provide me with a full quote. I had no reason to not believe that the quote I was provided included everything I had requested, and that we discussed. They demanded additional monies to perform the installation as I had requested, with the lowering of the microwave. But told me they could not do the installation at that time as they did not have the proper tools to do that, and they would have to return Since I had taken a vacation day for the insallation, and we did not have a working oven or microwave, I had them install in the current locations and to deal with the installation issue later. It also was not until the day of the install that we learned that they in fact did NOT offer a year’s extended warranty and that we had to take that issue up with Best Buy. Bait and switch. I seriously doubt Best Buy makes representations on behalf of the service providers without them providing that information to Best Buy. After they left we realized the microwave was not working. We contacted the installer to inform him that it was not operational and there was no power to the unit. He said he would check his photos and call us back. He never did. So we contacted the company to inform them we would be putting a stop payment on the check unless they would commit to coming back and getting our microwave unit working. The next contact was demanding we not put a stop payment on the check, that they had performed a proper and complete installation. We had no choice but to put a stop payment on the check based on their insistence their work was complete. Two days later they finally reviewed the photographs and acknowledged that the unit had no power. They came out that evening to correct the issue. I did not provide them with a new check at that time as they had insisted they were going to deposit the original check, despite the fact they knew i had put a stop payment on it, and I wanted the original check back before I reissued. I also wanted to resolve the cabinet issue. At this point the bullying and intimidation started. They called my husband behind my back and gave them a bogus story that I had agreed prior to Jason leaving that I did not want the cabinet modification done. That was 100% not correct. The last comment I made to him was to insure that it would be included and made a joking comment that it was only money. He looked at his notes and confirmed he had written it down. They then demanded almost $400 more for the work, that they never stated upon submitting the quote that they had modified my request, and I refused. She then threatened me with theft by check and that she would file criminal charges against us. We susequently overnighted a replacement check to her that she refused to deposit, and demanded a money order to include her $30.00 fee for the check she attemped to deposit, which she knew up front had a stop payment on it, or she would immediately file criminal charges against us. This was a complete bait and switch. Lie about the extended warranty, arbitrarily change the installation to provide a lower quote, then blame it on the customer when called on the fact it wasn’t complete and demand additional monies. Anyone who uses this company or supports it should beware. They accept no responsibility for their mistakes, claim work is complete and proper without verifying it, threaten and bully their customers, and basically are themselves thiefs. I was manipluated and bullied into accepting services less than they were represented as being, and harassed incessentatly.

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