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Published: 07 April 2018

Posted by: bsinnc

I received a phone call from Jerry Kubicki on 9/22/10 presenting/selling their services. BDD is an affiliate of Fortune Learning Systems, who sold/gave them my number to contact as a necessary part of setting up my business. My understanding was that BDD would set up, prepare business documents and licenses and provide legal services, coaching sessions to provide tax strategies for deductions and a tax webinar, prepare and review tax returns for the first year. Jerry talked about the reasons BDD should assist me: hard to know tax laws, needed corporate credit, and they could offer everything including legal services for my company. After a high pressure and convincing sales pitch I signed up (no signed agreement-taped by BDD). I paid thousands for this service and BDD did not follow through to provide the promised or expected services. I was never even contacted by the Tax Dept until 12/22/10 after numerous complaints to my coach at FLS that I could not get in touch with anyone at BDD and they did not return emails or phone calls to me. In 9/10, Customer Service emailed me some info to set up LLC, which I prepared all applications and licenses and completed financial information for them to assist with a starting point for my corporate credit building-which was only giving them my Personal credit background. I completed and submitted all applications promptly and received NC State LLC number. I received a phone call from Richard B. the first part of November. We discussed the process to start building tradelines and how to establish corporate credit. He had me sign up with Dun & Bradstreet DNBI Self Reporting Profile (Additional Cost $404.00)which he indicated was necessary to establish corporate credit. I completed the D&B application and received my D&B number on November 10th. I called Richard that day to notify him I had my D&B number and could move on to establishing tradelines. I left a voice mail message and my call was not returned. I called many times over the next several weeks, leaving messages on Richard”s voicemail or with support to have him contact me (he never did). I was finally able to get a response from C. in customer support on 12/15/10 with the excuse that they had computer email problems and my email address was dropped from their system and that their phone system was giving them problems and they were not able to retrieve all of their voice mail messages. She had Richard B. contact me on 12/16/10. He also said the phone system had been giving them problems and he had not received my messages. He provided me with a few names of Tier 1 tradeline companies. (some would not establish a tradeline for new LLC even with a personal guarantee). At this point I was very frustrated with BDD because it had been 5 weeks with no contact–which was their lack of concern for their clients. I had no other way of contacting them.C. in customer support also had C. from the tax dept contact me on 12/22/10 (1st time-no response from them on my initial tax dept email). She told me they did not prepare my business returns but would go over my deductions. This was not my initial expectation and I requested cancellation of the program due to the fact that they had not provided the BDD services offered and in a timely manner. Chris Zolnar, customer service manager, emailed me and said they did as they said they would and that I had not done the necessary work and his people were waiting on me! Very insulting and so not true!!! BDD gave me no service of value for the $5740.00 paid to them nor was there any coaching for business, legal, or tax as originally stated. BDD took my money and I would have never heard from them unless I was persistent with my calls and emails. Chris NOW OFFERS to continue their services but they have proven they have nothing to offer me and can”t be trusted. Chris said I will not receive a refund and that it is me quitting the program. I didn”t receive business strategy or corporate credit nor was anything done timely. BDD is affiliated with FLS who gave them my contact info. FLS said I needed them for my internet business…well guess what…there is not FLS internet business. It also produced nothing of value (NO INCOME) as promised . Watch out for money rackets…scams..or whatever you want call them. The end result will be the same…Money for them and nothing for you! These companies go by many names and a lot of the virtual businesses out there are connected to BDD, ICI/FLS,, ICI Success, etc… BDD needs to be stopped with their deceptive sales and business practices.

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