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Published: 02 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

CORRUPTION. Itu2019s ALWAYS about MONEY, SEX, AND POWER. From Crook (Cook) to Due Pay (Du Page), Corruption will always exist because of GREED. The Fact is that ANYONE can become a Victim. Money is the main ingredient to the DIS-Honor and Integrity of those that HAVE twisted the law. Justice is Blind. MEN and WOMEN of the Courts, Law Enforcement, and the Medical Field have manipulated the system to enrich their pocket books. Itu2019s no longer about the TRUTH. ITu2019S ABOUT: How Much Money? How Can I Benefit: How Will This Further My Career? MONEY, SEX, AND POWER. Anyone can become a Victim of Corruption. The saddest part is that The Biggest Losers/ Victims are the Politicians, Judges, Clerks, Law Enforcement, AND the Attorneys that Swore to an Oath. Questions and Doubts will ALWAYS come to mind when THEIR Decisions and Outcomes are Presented. Itu2019s a One-Sided Argument that is NEVER about Resolution. MONEY, SEX, AND POWER. Real or Fake? Was an actual Crime Committed? I am ONLY speaking of the cases that I was involved in. This Report is a Summary of My Experiences/ Investigations of Corruption in 2012-2013. My Name is Mr. Capenna (Cap) S****. Illinois, The Land of Lincoln? Or? The Land of Opportunity for Corruption. History and Evidence of Bad Behavior Speaks for itself..

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This company doesn’t ever provide leads. They take your money and your credit card info and NEVER send leads. They will continue to charge

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