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Published: 06 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was looking to purchase a refurbished Nikon DSLR camera. I found and chose to place an order with them because they had a great price. Anyway, on their website it lists the camera as In Stock, and according to their FAQ they typically ship a product out within one business day. I ordered on a Sunday and my card was charged immediately, so I figured it would ship out Monday or Tuesday. After the rest of the week and receiving no email update I contacted them and asked for a tracking number, figuring they just did not update the order status on the website because I was a new buyer. They replied on Thursday and said that it has not been shipped yet, that they were waiting on a shipment, and said shipment was to arrive Friday and the camera would go out that day. (That would make 5 days after the order was placed). Friday rolled around and my order did not update to processing or shipped.I called back and they said the shipment did not come in, but it was to get there on the following Monday instead. I asked why the camera was listed in stock, they didn’t say anything. They switched the status of my order to processing. Monday came and I called to ask if the shipment arrived, they said it was supposed to get there later that afternoon. They promised me my camera would ship out that night or early Tuesday morning. At this point this was the 8th day after my original order. The agent said the camera would definitely make its way to me by the end of the week. Tuesday came and went. I called again to check up on the status and they tell me that it will be another 10 to 12 days because they did not get their shipment from Nikon. At this point I was extremely angry because they continuously promised me date after date. They explained that Nikon is the one that was delaying their shipment to buydig. What infuriated me more is that their site still lists this product as in stock. In fact, beneath the camera it says “”order within the next x hours and select 1 day shipping to get your camera the next day””. Now they are telling me that they have had no cameras for a few weeks, AND it will be another few weeks before they get any. (Go check today, it STILL lists it as in stock) Throughout this whole ordeal I was not informed once about any delay. When they pushed back the date again and again they did not email me or call me, the only way I found out the info I did was because I kept calling them. Also, they charged me money the same day I ordered even though they knew the camera was not in stock. Their FAQ clearly states: “”Provided the items you want are in stock, your credit card is then charged””. Their product was never in stock and is listed falsely as being in stock , and they took my money immediately without telling me this. Additionally, their FAQ states: “”If a product runs out of stock we will give you the option to wait a short period until the items is* received or refund your order.”” (*not my grammatical mistake, that is how their FAQ is worded). Frustrated with the inability for them to produce a refurbished Nikon D3200, I gave up and asked if they could just ship me a new one instead and that I would pay the difference. The new one also says in stock, and guess what? They also didn’t have the new one! After being jerked around for 10 days I canceled my order with them. The agent said to me that “”refurbished cameras of that model are in shortage everywhere, so you probably won’t be able to find it in another location””. I called a different place an hour later and they shipped my camera out the same day I called. Bottom line: some of the worst communication I have ever had between a buyer and I. If I had waited another 10-12 days, I have no idea if they would have gotten the camera in stock, but even then it would have been 3 weeks since my first day ordering. This camera was a birthday present and now it will not get here on time because I wasted so much time waiting on buydig and believing them when they gave me dates again and again. They falsely list everything as in stock and don’t want to answer you when you call and ask if the products actually are. They just want more orders and could care less about making people wait and wait. Sure the price is lower than most other places, but the reason for that is because they take a ton of orders, grab the money immediately, and make people wait horrible amounts of time for their products while giving zero communication.

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