C.A.R.S. Extended Warranty

C.A.R.S. Extended Warranty

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Published: 04 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I had a antifreeze leak in my 1997 Chevrolet pickup and having an extended warranty I took it in for service at my local Chevrolet dealer thinking that it would get good service there. After finding out that my extended warranty with C.A.R.S. extended warranty would only cover 65.00 for labor and that the dealer was charging 91.00 for labor I became a little concerned. I also found out that they will not pay for diagnostic time or for any sales tax or for any sealants used for the job. I was to pay out of a 462.00 job they would pay for approx. 150.00 for the repairs after my 100.00 deductible and after two days of waiting for them to okay the claim until the truck could be worked on. After they o.k.ed the job with me paying the for the majorty of the work I was told by the shop that my intake manifold had several pits in it and had to be replaced to the tune of 631.00 dollars. After waiting two days for the insurance company on the additional repairs I was informed on the fourth day in the shop that C.A.R.S. had only authorized 150.00 for a used intake manifold from a shop in Texas. Shellworth Chevrolet then informed me that they would not use any used part or any part that did not come from them in the repair of my vehicle and that I would be responsible for the remainder of what the intake cost if I wanted my truck to be put together by them which the new manifod was 631.00. After calling Dennis who was handling my claim on this truck I was told that the shop was ripping me off and that they could use used parts on my truck. I was never under the impression that when my truck broke down that an extended warranty company would want to install used parts on a vehicle and expecially considering that I was to wait for said part to arrive and did not have a car to drive and the warranty company would not give me a car because there was not enough shop time to warrant one, never mind that to make a decision it takes two hours on the phone, many calls to find them either on a lunch break or on another break. After finding out the way this company is run I told them to cancel my policy and that I would pay for the repairs as this was the first time I had needed work on my truck. I was told that once I made a claim a refund was impossible and that the truck either had to be totaled or repossed to get a refund and only if no claim had been made. In my opinion this company’s contract is as wortless as toliet paper and I would get better use out of it as such. The repairs on my truck cost me 1531.00 and C.A.R.S. reimbursed me 358.00 of this amount. I would avoid this company and put your money in the stock market. Charles Vacaville, California

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