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Published: 25 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

December 2009. Let’s start with the group. There were 60 people in the group I started in. By the time we went for road test there were only a few of us and after road tests minus the failures I only remember 2 or 3 left. A good portion of them ended up having some kind of ticket they never told about on the application. I was almost gone after first week due to that only I did put it down but they wanted a copy of the ticket and told me I had 2 hours to get it or I was done. I got ahold of police department they faxed the ticket but the only thing that came out on England’s end was blank ticket with no writing because it was so faded it wouldn’t show. I worked it out so that I tried and the station talked to England and said they would mail them a copy. Lucky. Others were in tears cause this was all they had left. This happened a week into classes. Next a few of us were put In advanced program which we opted in because let’s say we were really smart. We went for our permits. Not bragging but I was the 3rd one done and they said I was the 2nd highest scorer in the state of Indiana. Come to find out JD who finished just before me was number 1 in the state. I missed 1 question so obviously he got them all. We studied more and were taken out in trucks with trainers for a load or 2 over night. That was all fine. We all did good. After the road tests for temp license there were only 2 of us JD and I. Once back to hotel he grabbed a bus home and said I’m not getting screwed. I stayed. First trainer was awesome said I was a natural I only got $120 a week while training. That trainer showed me his check when he went home for Christmas over 5000. We hauled a** and were a good team. He offered to take me home but I stayed in the truck for Christmas. He brought me turkey dinner. Great guy Robert Murphy. Second trainer was fine the first day then became the biggest ignorant moronic ex marine a******. Worst part is he lived 20 miles from me in Maine. His name was Mark A******. We got into screaming matches while I was driving saying I was doing it all wrong and not paying attention. He was on his phone 90% of the time not even watching me. On top of that I was supposed to be getting paid by the mile training then and he would not sleep while I was driving. He’d stay up and if he got too tired he made me pull over so he could sleep then only drive a few hours and do it all over. Needless to say after we stopped he was nice the next 3 days and we were headed to Utah with a load. We got to England he said get your stuff and get out they want you inside. I go in and they said I had so many hard brakes etc asked me why. Which I replied you guys said to hit deer but avoid anything bigger and people were cutting me off. They then said Mark told them I was doing drugs on the truck and he feared for his life. I said are you serious? They immediately sent me for a drug test which I obviously passed. The set me up with a 3rd trainer and said this is it anymore problems you’re gone. Third trainer James Mack another great guy! We did our thing and drove. My temp license was about to expire. We notified England 2 weeks ahead of time like they told us to do. My training was supposedly finished and all I had to do was get back and sign some paperwork and I was ready to lease. Because license was expiring they didn’t want me back there until I went home and renewed it. They couldn’t come up with a load even remotely close to my state according to them. Finally license expired. Still no load and I wasn’t getting paid now. 2 more weeks went by with me just riding as a passenger. The trainer was feeding me out of his own pocket and couldn’t believe that was happening. Finally they coughed up a bus ticket. I got dropped off late and missed the bus. I got ticket changed but had to get to next bus station 20 miles away with no money and 3 huge bags of my stuff. I thumbed all night into the morning. Finally some mexicans let me in the back of their truck and took me when they found out what happened. Got home which actually was New Hampshire at that particular time. They said oh your license is expired? You’ll have to take some tests over to get it. I called Maine and told them my situation. They said I had an active license up there still and they could transfer it. I went up still having family at the address on file did it all and got my paper license. Hard would be mailed and I’d get in 2 weeks. 2 weeks went by. Called Maine. Oh we’re sorry our computers were down that day and never got put it. They put it in while on phone. In the mean time I was calling England cause they told me to keep them notified and they would get me back out there as soon as I had the hard license. 2 more weeks went by I got the license called England and this is what I got. You’ve been off the truck for over 30 days you need a refresher course which is $1500 and we need that up front. I said but this is day 31 and I kept in touch and you guys know it’s not my fault. Sir it doesn’t matter, you were off for 30 days we can’t help you unless you have $1500. Can you take out a loan or borrow it off someone? I sold my car for food money out there and gave up a place to live that I luckily was allowed back and gave up what little work I had to get out there. F*** YOU and hung up. Eagle Atlantic which we all know is run and owned by England sent me bills and bills for training cost. Never paid not getting a dime. I’m trying to fix my credit now and the place I used ended up giving them my number. They called me and asked for their money and wanted to make arrangements. I told them what happened and I never finished their training. They said C.R. England had me down as hired in December of 2016 which means I finished my training. I said If I finished training why was I still with trainers? You guys aren’t getting anything from me. Would you like us to put this into collections? Yea! You should’ve done it 3 years ago! That was my experience.

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