C.S.E.A of Gila County

C.S.E.A of Gila County

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Published: 26 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was dignosed with breast cancer in December 2009,I was fifty at the time.There is an attorney in this town that handles the downwinders radiation exposure compensary payment from the United states Justice Department in Wash.D.C. this payment is distibuted to some recipients that meet a certain criteria called the grey areas in the state of Arizona. This is because a test sight in Nevada in the early fifties activated an atomic bomb and the winds blew radiation down some parts of az and a few other states. The payment is $50,000.00. Mr Thompson handed my payment over to my case worker,she in turn cashed it and my attorney gave me the remainder in a check from his firms trust which took ten days to clear. I did two rounds of chemo that year but stopped opting for Tamoxefen the one pill a day for 5 years.I had to pay for my own testing Onco-type two testing to see if i qualified, my insurance would not pay for it,due to the new experiment stage,there were not enough success rates to apply that testing to me.I had to borrow on the settlement. After the few months that it took to get well after my Mastectomy the rest of that year, it dawned on me that i signed my government check for $50,000.00. I called the attorney and told him how did they know I was recieving that payment I stated that our confidentiality was breeched and that i wanted the $1000.00 back that i paid him. He does these filings for the POOR CANCER patients for a thousand dollars out of their payments.Some attorneys who taught this procedure to him,told me they were upset with him because he has kept the royalty all to himself,not letting any other attorney reap a bit of gain,this attorney knew the father of my children and did this as a favor to him, I wrote to Ariz. lawyers assoc. the A.B.A and they found no wrong doing, There was deciet, because when he called me in TUcson Az. where I was recuperating for six months,said “I have some bad news,AZ DEPT. Of child support intercepted your check,my reply was ,”oh well’ I guess what is done is done. U.S.J.D od D.C., said not true. I then asked him for my file and a copy of the check and he gave me a bogus one and gave me a number to a mail room in Wash.D.C. I told him that he gave me the remainder out of his firms trust and he denied it. I took a copy of that check before I cashed it. My case worker told me handing me the notice a year later that she could do whatever she wanted to get my support to the CP. She was very hostile and I have been fuming over this.The county I live in is very corrupt and has all or every other employee with first generation relatives either married or some close kin working in the court house here in Globe az. I have all of what I am saying proof of this. I can’t find a civil attorney to represent me because I am near poverty level, I have did the math on this ARREARS and state owed arrears they claim I have. There is a big overpayment of at least up to $20,000.00. I now have custody of the last son whose father threw him out because of a $30,000.00 accusation of theft. My son has been mentally abused as has my other two boys now 22,a & 24…. My son who has been accused of this theft admits to upgarading his computer, and telivision said his father kept him prisoner,to school and back, he is not blameless but that amount of money was an overexaggeration. I have insisted that he pay his father back till he is 18 at 100.00 a month once he starts working.My son will be 17 in july and has never worked,but this summer will try…My son came home with a week-end duffle bag with all he owned ,and two pairs of old shoes. the father bought new retinas with the good ol’ boy intercept from me. there is so much more to say..Now why am I feeling like I have been ripped off. Now that i am on the receiving end of child support i am no longer allowed to speak tp the Phoenix automated system because gila County is a operating county with no state assistance although the DOR intercepts are made. I asked DCEA to send me the tally of all payments made. They are rung up by a debt collector who is not trained in CPA and has made a mistake of payiny the CP my due he owed before getting good ol boy custody.And the debt collector is not subject to admit human error. So i don’t know,My cancer is back on the other breast.Now carcinomas are in my liver and in my uterus…I guess i die and leave my children with the embarrasment and let the county bury me…I am about to loose my house too,I say a gunney sack and throw me out in the desert and let the Ravens mice and buzzards have at it,since everyone else in this life of 53 years has, Thanks for letting me vent,because thats all it is..GOD first,, GOD BLESS THOSE WHO GET HELP AND DAMNATION TO THOSE WHO SICKEN THE SOUL. ANNA M.

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