Cabezon Storage

I lost a bunch of my stuff in their storage units.

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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: Patricia

They have no security measures there and my locker was broken into. There’s no security! You might end up losing a bunch of your valuables. They didn’t inform me about the incident as well. Apparently, some person came, broke the lock and took a few things with them. I can’t tell you how irritated I was when I found out about all this. The thief didn’t take much but the fact that anyone can access my storage unit with just a stone is appalling. I didn’t expect this place to be this pathetic. I found out about this issue when I took my stuff out of that place. Things just don’t vanish, do they? And when it’s an entire box, you know that it got stolen. They kept saying that they didn’t know what was going on. They completely denied the fact that my storage unit was broken into and some took an entire box of stuff with them. I was lucky that the box only contained a bunch of books and some other stationery but still, what kind of storage place is this if they can’t even provide security? I had a little suspicion that something was wrong when they told me they had changed the locks on different storage units. I didn’t think they’d be this careless. They had called me to let me know that I’ll have to get there to get the new set of keys. I was surprised to find out about it. At that time I was wondering if they were even allowed to change the locks of my storage unit without asking me. But I let it go. Later, when I opened up my storage unit, I saw that all of my stuff was turned upside down. I asked them about it and who did that but they just said they didn’t know anything about that. I later found out that the area was prone to burglary and theft. And when I went through my stuff I realized there was a box missing. I hadn’t kept any major valuables in the storage thank God because if I had, I’m pretty sure that I would have lost them.

I asked them about the security measures they have and they told me that they keep all the units and there’s a security guard as well. I also asked them as to how I can lose an entire box full of stuff? They just avoided the question. It’s clear to me that someone broke into my storage unit and went through my stuff. When they didn’t find anything worthwhile, they just took a box. I’m going to file a complaint about this incident with the officials. This isn’t acceptable. If you’re looking for storage space, then ignore these people. You wouldn’t want your storage locker to get broken into, would you? I’m never suggesting this place to anyone in the future. And I’m never going there as well.

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