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Published: 16 January 2018

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Don’t have time to read the novel? Here are the highlights; 17 day turnaround turns into 2 ½ month nightmare. (The order never was completed. I had to open a woodshop and jerry-rig and end panel and shelf) The installer that C2G “highly” recommended (at my trusting/naive stage in the process) destroyed my new floor, sink basin and 18 inch set of drawers) and tried to overcharge me. Customer service resolution was HORRENDUS! They actually refused to look up my order while I was in the store. They handed me a bored and said, cut it down to size, take it or leave it. But please, read on because the highlights just really don’t do this experience justice!!!! THE ORDER; On March 17, I walked into cabinets to go and met Kurt. I walked the showroom floor and found the exact kitchen cabinets I had been looking for. Kurt helped me place my order and took my payment. He said that I should be able to receive my order in 10 days but if I had not heard from him in 17, to give him a call. This experience was a pleasant one and I left feeling good about my purchase. Happy even! That would be the one and only time I felt that way with this company. 17 days passed and I had not heard from them. So I called, my order had not come in. They really were not sure when it would come in. I would wait another 28 days, that’s 43 days since point of purchase. This from a company that declares they have a great product and “specializes in quick delivery” and gives a “100% customer satisfaction guarantee “. BUT WAIT….. had the (FULL) order come in? THE INSTALL; The installer that Cabinets to Go “highly” recommended came out. The installer’s name is Robert Stokes. He shows up with cabinetry that had been somewhat put together at a warehouse. Before I go further, I would like to say, this should have been a cabinet installers dream. All cabinets to be installed were floor cabinets, no hanging cabinets. Because he put the cabinets together off site, they were very heavy to carry. Robert dropped several cabinets on the floor, thus putting 4 holes in my brand new floor that took me two weeks to install. He never once apologized. Instead, he commented on how it was my fault that I bought the heaviest cabinets available. Sorry, but I’m not the nimrod that put them together off site, or didn’t bring someone along to help carry them. Then he proceeded to completely destroy the sink basin. I told him what I told Kurt upon purchase of said sink basin cabinet, it was to be for a soapstone farmhouse sink. This guy acted like I just asked congress to pass a bill. It was unbelievable! He butchered it and he didn’t cut a hole for the dishwasher hoses. WTH? Then, I realize that my entire order is not present and accounted for. Two end panels are missing; also, the pantry was missing all the shelves and was a completely different color. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After he tries to up charge me 100.00 for the install (which I did not pay because I had saved the original estimate given on voice mail.), I do some looking around at the shoddy workmanship. Drawers hung crooked, unlevel, one set of drawers had both dowel rods stripped out, (left and right) and a corner on the sliding spice rack is damaged due to him dropping it. I was in shock at this point. I knew I had to get this all in writing. I drove back to Cabinets To Go. THE NOT SO 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GARUNTEE; Now I had Stephen helping me as Kurt looked on. He put everything in writing and assured me everything would be ordered and would arrive in 10 days. He also informed me that the home office would be sending me an email within 24 hours. 24 hours came and went, no word. I sent my first email to Stephen, no word. Next day, no home office email, sent a second email to Stephen, I got a reply that he was out but would look into it, no word after that email. A couple more days passed still no email from either one, so I sent a third one. Finally 11 days had passed and I had not heard one peep from anyone. This is when I sent my first pissed off email. Up until this point I had been the very nice, very patient and congenial customer. This is now 60 days from point of purchase, MISERABLY failing the 17 day turnaround promise, and the so called “100% customer satisfaction, quality product, fast delivery” guarantee.” So I sent off my “I’m livid” email complete with the details and photos and telling them I will be in that afternoon and that I wanted answers. Back to Cabinets To Go, we go, my boyfriend and I. I walk in and am greeted by Stephen, with a “yeah, we saw your email, let us go check the warehouse and see if your stuff is here.” (freaking duh, you don’t need a crystal ball to know, it’s not there) I’m flabbergasted at this point that this is the first they have looked into this. I mean, if you know an irate customer is coming through the door…. whatever. So I get the, now usual, Cabinets to Go BS followed by the “I can’t help you, Kurt will be in tomorrow” reply. Seeing a complete dead end here, I drop an fbomb and vow to return but not before I tell the customers they have standing around what a sham this whole scene is. So…. at 9:30 am, we are back at Cabinets To Go, this time the boyfriend is taking the lead. He keeps things smooth and pleasant at first or maybe more like giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Of course he’s been out of town and this is the first he has had to really “deal” with them. Firstly, Kurt doesn’t know anything about the email but thinks he remembers seeing it. (?) Second, he takes about 5 phone calls while we are sitting there in front of him. (Customer service fail buddy! ) He reimburses me for the sink basin cabinet. He will look for the missing pieces and bring them out to the house. (He wanted to check out Robert’s handy work) I have no idea what went down at the house, I was at work. However, all that was delivered was (A) that would be (one) shelf! No hardware to install it with. And the correct color doors for the pantry. Baby steps I guess but we are still missing the two end panels and one shelf and the hardware to install said shelves. On May the 14th, I get this email “Regarding the matching base panel: there are none coming into the company until approx early July. I have placed calls to the few stores that indicate they have them available in their inventory but have not gotten return calls to confirm yet. Regarding the additional shelf: I have a 30″ shelf here that can be cut to 24″, but I’d rather wait on the replacement one from the distribution center, which is approx 1 week away” JULY!!!!!! Are you kidding me? JULY!!! At this time, I implored them to get on the horn to other stores to find the base panels and that I would wait the week for the shelf. You the reader may have guessed after reading this debacle, the 21st also came and went, no shelf and their answer to the missing end panel was to take a pantry end panel and cut it down. So…. in addition to a 73 day wait on something that was said to be delivered in 17 days, a totally jacked up floor, a damaged 18 inch four drawer cabinet, a totally demolished sink basin cabinet, I get to jerry-rig a shelf and end panel. Ohhhh, but wait, don’t think this is over just yet! Said pieces for cutting are not yet in the actual warehouse… you guessed it more waiting. Supposedly it was going to be fedexed and would arrive on May 21st. Nope. The 22nd? Nadda. Or the 23rd, or the 24th! On the 25th , I called (another customer fail, you couldn’t call a customer when the product they have been looking for, for months, finally comes in)? It’s here though and I am not going to complain. I hop in my car and drive back to Cabinets to go…. (ok, let us also remember, I FREAKING PAID FOR DELIVERY BACK AT THE INSTALL,) of course the piece will not fit in my car, great. Well, Kurt pipes up and is like, you know, you have been through so much, I will deliver it to your house. I fell for it, hook line and sinker! I thought for one brief moment good customer service was in my presence. I must have been out of my mind, I totally should have known better. I delay a work appointment by 30 min to race home in a horrific rainstorm and traffic to unlock a door for him, incase my appointment runs late. After said appointment, I race home from across town in another insane rainstorm, complete with crazy traffic. I made it by 7. At 7:30 I get a “Due to the downpour creating traffic havoc heading your way, and the fact that I live in Snellville, I opted to not make the journey this evening. Can I bring it out to you mid-morning tomorrow?” Words fail me. Actually, I had a lot of words but what is the point of listing them here. I also had a lot of words when morning came and went. When noon came and went. Finally at 2:30 I made a call, a guy named Kim answers. (I am now on a first name basis with everyone, funny how I can recognize their voices but continue to act as if I were a first time caller, EVERY TIME) I asked for Kurt, “he’s with a customer” was the reply on the phone. “I will hold”, I said. Kim comes back on, “he is with a customer, it’s going be a while, can I have him call you back?” I thought a brief second, back to that moment when my boyfriend and I were sitting across the desk, looking for resolutions from a man that answered every stinking phone call that came in and this is what I said…. “No! You may not have him call me back. You can interrupt him and ask him where my freaking pantry panel is? He said he would drop it off yesterday after work and sends me some freaking email at 7:30pm saying he doesn’t want to deal with the rain and traffic. WELL I DELT WITH IT…..TWICE! Then he said he would drop it off this morning on his way into work…. it’s 2:30!!!! You tell him that that freaking panel better be here by the end of the day and that your office’s customer service skills are sadly lacking and that I am not a “100% satisfied customer” and I am putting together one hell of a review of your office, that I will make sure goes out to every social network, to your home office and HGTV.”

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